Is American Actress Teri Polo Gay? What’s Her Sexuality?

We often encounter the question, “is American actress Teri Polo gay?” It’s obvious that her fans have this query since the pretty lady is an ally of LGBTQ. Besides, she made headlines in 2013-2014 by playing a lesbian character in “The Fosters” series. 

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Since then, Polo’s followers have been searching for answers to why she played that role or had come out of the closet by performing as a lesbian. You will get all your answers by reading ahead. 

Teri Polo and Sherri Saum Were a Lesbian a Lesbian Couple in ‘The Fosters’ 

If you have known this beautiful lady for an extended time, you already know she has dated many celebrities. Still, rumors about her being lesbian spread in 2013. The rumors continue because many fans believe something that is not even real. 

We’re talking about her role as a gay woman in the ABC Family’s drama ‘The Fosters.’ Sherri Saum was her lesbian partner. The odd thing to her supporters was that Polo didn’t hesitate to play the character. Hence gay rumors were created. 

The actress even said in Queen Latifah Show’s interview, “it’s the most comfortable role I’ve ever had in my 27 years of acting.” However, people mistook her. Because Like Teri Polo, several straight actresses acted as gay. For example, Kathy Bates, Whoopi Goldberg, and Jamie Murray. 

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There are more female stars who are not gay in real life but play lesbian roles. Hence depending on her acting career and which character Teri Polo has played, no one can assume her absolute sexual orientation.ย 

The only way to discover her sexuality label is by looking at her sexual interests. Also, let’s see if the actress has ever said anything in any Interview about it.ย 

Teri Polo Said Her Comedic Act in The Fosters Was Not Easy

Eight years ago, Teri Polo went to Queen Latifah’s Show, where she was questioned about her role in the ABC Family series. In her answer, we found a clue about her sexuality. 

Teri Polo replied to Queen Latifah, “It’s not easy, It’s a gift you are given. The gift of comedy. It’s not something that you can force. So I just kind of sit back there and go ‘hehehehehe’ (awkward laugh) and then I get paid for it.” 

When she had the choice just to come out, she didn’t. Instead, the actress said it’s a comedy role for her which is a little awkward to play, but after performing, she gets paid anyway. Since she didn’t reveal herself as a gay woman, we believe Teri Polo is straight. 

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Teri Polo Was Married to Anthony Moore and is a Mother of Two Children

Despite having several affairs, Teri Polo married once in her life. She and Anthony Moore were a lovely couple for some time. One day the duo realized that they would make a great family together. Hence in 1997, Polo and Moore married. 

They had a happy married life for eight long years. But in 2005, the couple ended everything between them. The couple has a child who saw the light for the first time in 2002. After her divorce from Anthony, she immediately went into a relationship with Jamie Wollam.

According to some, she cheated on Anthony with Jamie and got pregnant after her divorce in 2006. In 2007 she and Wollam’s daughter Bayley was born. Her marriage life and having biological children with two different men tell us that Teri Polo is 100% not gay in real life but heterosexual. 

Final Words

Teri Polo has many fans throughout the world. She shocked her old supporters long ago by appearing in ‘The Fosters’ series. Her playing a queer role was not acceptable to some of her fans. 

Others thought she had come out of the closet. But here we are to remove all your misunderstandings about Teri Polo’s sexuality. She is straight, was involved romantically with many men, and has two biological children. 

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