Is Sir Patrick Stewart Gay Or Bi? What’s His Sexuality?

Sir Patrick Stewart is a successful English actor who has expanded his career in different stage productions, video games, and television.

He was nominated for many awards for his talents, including Golden Globe, Olivier, Emmy, Tony, Saturn, and Screen Actors Guild.

What's Sir Patrick Stewart sexuality?
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He started to play lead roles in American films and television. His acting career in the film and tv industry began in 1987. The more he gained fans, the more he couldn’t keep things private.

Patrick Stewart didn’t talk directly about his sexuality, but since he married women three times and had two children, we can say he is straight. 

Then why are people keep asking, Is sir Patrick Stewart gay or bisexual? What’s his sexuality? It’s because he did some unexpected things like supporting gays and congratulating Ellen Page for accepting that she is a homosexual person. He did something even more shocking. Let’s discuss those activities further. 

What Made Patrick Stewart Considered a Gay? 

Patrick Stewart had many gay friends. Ian McKellen is his best friend and Patrick Stewart’s gay partner. He once told Playboy and Wired that they had a lot of fun together in the interviews. 

He said, “Gay men have played a part in my life as colleagues and friends. [ Source: Playboy

He continued, “But none so significantly as Ian. I love him and I am in love with him. So is my wife, and it’s mutual. I listen to him, I watch what he does and I don’t mind just acting – how he lives his life is so admirable, selfless and compassionate. We also have a hell of a lot of fun.” 

This speech of Stewart proves he and Ian McKellen were very close. A picture of them went viral where they were kissing each other. However, that was just a friendly kiss. 

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Sir Patrick Stewart supported gay rights when Ellen Page announced that she was gay on Twitter and Patrick Stewart supported this change of her.

He commented, “Well @guardian it makes for a nice change…at least I didn’t wake up to the internet telling me I was dead again.” 

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He made the media and his fans think he was gay for these activities. But the real sexuality of Sir Patrick Stewart is, that he is straight. He is happily married and does not have an additional relationship with anyone. 

Patrick Stewart’s Wives and Children

Patrick Stewart had two wives before, and now for the third time, he has married Sunny Ozell, and they are still together. His first wife was Sheila Falconer; they married in 1966 and separated in 1990. The second Stewart married Wendy Neuss in 2000, but they also divorced in 2003. 

He is currently living with his third wife, Sunny Ozell. They married in 2013 and haven’t separated yet. According to Patrick Stewart, she is a wonderful wife. Stewart even produced two children with Sheila Falconer.

It is clear that neither is Patrick Stewart bisexual nor he is gay. Patrick Stewart’s sexuality is straight. 

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Sir Patrick Stewart is one of the best American entertainers. He presented excellent tv series like X-Men and films like Jeffery, The Lion in Winter.

His personal life is full of surprises and shocks, like his films and television shows. He may have done many gayish works, but that was all for having a little fun.

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