Is Henry Cavill Gay? What’s The Sexuality of This British Actor?

Henry Cavill, a British actor, has achieved more than just popularity. He made a huge fan base by appearing as SuperMan of DC Comics. Acting as a famous superhero of one of the biggest brands in the film industry, he went to the peak of his career success.

Henry Cavil gay rumor
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He started to work in 2001. You will even find him in a Netflix series called ‘The Witcher.’ He acted there as a character named Geralt. If you are a super fan of this superman, you must be interested in knowing more facts about him.

Is Henry Cavill gay? What’s the sexuality of this British actor? We will discuss these matters, including his relationships. So, if you are ready, let’s get started.

“Henry Cavill is gay” is This a Rumor?

Henry Cavill is too popular for his acting skills and for being a dashing guy. We consider him straight since he didn’t even admit that he has an interest in guys.

He also didn’t go into relationships with males but with females. If we look closer at the love life of this handsome actor, we will only find him with various known female celebrities.

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In 2007 he was found dating Susie Redmond. He also engaged himself with Katie Hurst and Elen Whitaker. Whitaker is a show jumping rider. She and Henry met in the Olympics on 11th may 2011 and started their journey of love.

They were about to get engaged officially, but they separated in August 2012 before they could get along forever.

After breaking up with Whitaker, Henry chose to tie himself with Gina, a martial artist, in 2012. Unfortunately, the two couldn’t make their love last longer. After two years, they mutually broke up.

The reason behind their breaking up is Kaley Cuoco. While in a relationship with Gina, Henry also flung with that American actress.

He kept engaging with more ladies, including Marisa Gonzalo, an American bodybuilder in 2014, Tara king in 2015, and Lucy Cork in 2017. He is still in a relationship with Natalie Viscuso. He posted about their relationship on Instagram in 2021.

Henry proved the fact that he is not gay. While many male celebrities have kissed other guys for being friends or having a closer relationship, Henry was never spotted doing gay stuff until now. He is, of course, a straight guy.

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Henry Cavill Gay Rumors

Since he is not gay, why have Henry Cavill’s gay rumors spread? It’s because of his gay friend Corie Spears. Corie and Henry are close buddies, and Henry posted several pictures with him.

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So, people started to think he might be gay too. However, the truth we all know is, that his sexual orientation is straight.


Henry Cavill is not gay. He never admitted that he and Corie are more than friends. Besides, they take friendly photos. Like Henry Cavill, many other celebrities have gay friends.

Having a homosexual friend puts the superstars in controversies. That is how the rumors got spread. But now you know the truth, you should tell others the right facts about him.

2 thoughts on “Is Henry Cavill Gay? What’s The Sexuality of This British Actor?”

  1. Gay? No, Henry Cavill is not gay. But he is bi. All his relationships are fakes, but not because he is not into women; he is just someone focused on his image and he is not into relationships whose paths lead to marriage. He just wants to have fun.
    Corey is not the only guy he dated; I wonder if Solomon Golding, Michael Blevins, Bradley Berlin and Beau DeMayo, for example, are more than close friends.

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