Is Woody Harrelson Gay? A Close Look At His Sexuality

Actor Woody Harrelson’s career is full of professional achievements. Because he played various roles in the film industry and performed each character with accuracy, his acting skills were so good that whatever character he played, it seemed like he became that character in real life. 

Is Woody Harrellson gay or bisexual? What's his sexual orientation?
Woody Harrelson by Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum licensed under CC BY 2.0

This is why he was praised many times, but then again, he was criticized as well. It’s because he once played a role that led his fans to ask the media if Woody Harrelson is gay or straight. 

If you, too, are curious to know his true sexual orientation, then come with us and have a look at his sexuality here. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Is Woody Harrelson Gay? 

We can’t deny that he is a master in the field of acting. So he has several achievements including a Primetime Emmy awardee, Screen Actors Guild Award, Golden Globe nominee, and Academy Award. 

What's Woody Harrellson's sexuality? Is he gay or straight?
Woody Harrelson by Alan Light Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

His jaw-droppingly impressive acting is why he was rumored as gay many times. People who have less knowledge about his life believe in such rumors. 

While he has a pretty wife and three children, which indicates Woody is straight. In 2008 the actor married Laura Louie, and they are still keeping their bond perfectly.

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So, basically, he acted as gay in the movie ‘The Walker‘ and amazingly performed that left his fans thinking he might be gay for real. It seemed like he turned himself into that character, and those effortless expressions made the viewers feel his realism. 

After seeing him playing a gay role that looks so raw and natural, Harrelson fans couldn’t hold themselves from thinking he is a homosexual. 

When he was asked about the gay character, he answered, “The thing that was interesting to me about Tommy is that he’s kind of a guy’s guy. Like one of these guys who talks about girls in a pretty graphic terminology, but as a gay man.”

His speech on this character proves he actually enjoyed playing it. Because he knows his fans who already know him well know Woody Harrelson’s sexuality as a straight guy. Also, he didn’t care about these rumors at all. 


Woody Harrelson was misunderstood as gay by some of his fans who didn’t know well about his personal life.

However, is not the only celebrity who was mistakenly thought to be gay, and maybe this is why he seemed careless of people who were spreading the false news.

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