Is Drew Carey Gay or Bisexual? What’s Carey’s Sexuality?

Drew Carey is mainly famous as an American comedian, television host, and actor. He hosted several television shows, including Whose Line Is It Anyway, The Price is Right, and The Drew Carey Show. 

Drew Carey about his gay controversy.
Drew Carey by Erik Drost licensed under CC BY 2.0

He is hardworking and puts all his efforts into his TV shows worth watching. His hosting capability helped him create a place in many audiences’ hearts. Since more people watched his shows, they grew interested in his personal life and sexuality. 

So, many ask, about Drew Carey’s sexuality. In this article, we will reveal not only his sexuality but also his relationship history. So, sit tight, and let’s know about his sexual orientation. 

Is Drew Carey Gay? 

So, is Drew Carey, gay or bisexual? The answer is Drew is neither gay nor he is bisexual. He is straight, and he went into several relationships in his life.

So what was the reason behind his fans thinking he is a homosexual? Because his fans know that Drew is unmarried. He doesn’t have a wife. 

Since Carey is a celebrity, his relationships are mostly hidden. Reporters had to work hard in order to get some pictures and news regarding his dates.

Hence, many Drew Carey fans also thought he might have lived his life being single. He doesn’t have an interest in women but men, so maybe he does not date women. 

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Thankfully, you are here; we dug into Drew’s life and brought some exciting news like celebrities Drew dated. And yes, every celeb he was in a relationship with was a woman.

So, there is no room for us or anyone to think Drew Carey is gay. Next, we will see some of those pretty ladies he had an affair with and their pictures together. 

Drew Carey Relationship History

The saddest part we think of Drew Carey’s life is that while he managed to get a successful career, he always failed to find his true love.

It’s a big reason that inspired him to stay unmarried. Although he tried to hide his relationships whenever he and his girlfriend got engaged, the media managed to cover the news. 

Unfortunately, he got engaged twice and had to end things between himself and his girlfriends sooner. Drew Carey got engaged for the first time to a culinary artist called Nicole Jaracz.

They seemed to have great chemistry. However, the duo couldn’t make it longer. After staying 5 years together (from 2007 to 2012), the couple broke up right after a few days after getting engaged in 2012.

His second date was Amie Harwick, a writer, and doctor. One popular book she wrote is called ‘The New Sex Bible for Women.’ They were together for pretty long and finally declared their engagement. But also, this time, they split soon after getting engaged. 

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Drew Carey’s sexuality is straight. He thought of being a homosexual for some misunderstanding. Some haters who are quick to judge spread such rumors.

Like Carey, some more actors, models, and singers didn’t marry in their lives. Although not everyone is judged this way, we feel bad for Drew for having such problematic haters. 

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