Is David Spade Gay Or Bisexual? What’s His Sexuality?

David Spade is famous as the host of Bachelor in Paradise. He is also an actor and author. The celeb’s sexuality is in question, but why? We will discuss that broadly later. We should tell you he is not gay but a straight man. 

What's David Spade's sexuality? Let's see.
David Spade by dodge challenger1 licensed under CC BY 2.0

If he is straight, why are some people still searching for answers on the internet to these questions about whether David Spade is gay, bisexual, or straight and what’s his actual sexuality?

We should be concerned about it. So, let’s find out why David Spade’s gay rumors have spread on the internet and more facts about him.

David Spade Gay Rumors

Here comes the crucial question, when Spade is not gay in reality, why would someone think he is? The answer lies in his life without a spouse. Yes, David Spade does not have a wife. He didn’t ever marry and still likes to date women instead of tying the knot with one. 

Also, Spade never opened up about his relationships as well. He wanted to hide his dates, but the media found out anyway. It was seen that some of his fans and haters tweet regarding his sexuality. However, Spade seems to ignore them as always.

But his silence doesn’t prove he is homosexual. It’s just that he doesn’t want to take things too seriously. This might be a reason for not having a wife till now. 

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David Spade Dates 

Although David Spade chose to stay unmarried, he didn’t miss the chance to get into relationships with actresses and other celebrities. He still claims himself single, though.

In 2006 he was seen dating Heather Locklear for the first time. It was reported that they had been in love for some months but later chose to split. 

Later he dated the beautiful actress Lara Flynn Boyle, but she later got involved with Jack Nicholson. Plus, he spent many romantic moments with Naya Rivera, Julie Bowen, and Teri Hatcher. 

Spade currently lives with his mom and their only child, Harper Spade. Jillian Grace is his baby’s mother, and they were in a pretty long relationship. Although they are no longer involved, David kept his daughter with him and is still doing a great job as a father.


So, is David Spade gay or bisexual? Now you have the answer. David Spade shares a little of his personal life with the public, and so many didn’t know he dated several women, although he didn’t get married to any of them.

Since he didn’t marry, some haters radiated fake news and created confusion regarding his sexuality. But now that you know David Spade is straight, you can share the truth and help him get out of such rumors.

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