Is Owen Wilson Gay or Bi? What’s His Actual Sexuality?

Is never married actor Owen Wilson gay?
Owen Wilson by Eva Rinaldi licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Is actor Owen Wilson gay? This is an evergreen question to some fans who always doubt the actor’s sexual orientation whenever he plays a funny role. But you must know this happy face funny actor once was so depressed that he even tried to take his life. 

So, you better be careful with the rumors you hear. You have to make sure that you don’t spread lies. Owen Wilson is straight.

This is what we believe based on his private life. He is attracted to females, and there are several reasons. So let’s dive into the article to learn the truth. 

Owen Wilson Is Misunderstood as Gay to a Few Fans 

Wilson has done a great job of making us laugh. As a main comedy actor, he did many silly activities that may match gay behavior. So only a few fans are confused about his sexual orientation. 

But you should know that a film or TV show character isn’t a part of reality. Owen Wilson has acted silly, but that doesn’t mean he is gay or bisexual.

Although the actor kept quiet on his sexual label and preference, we, along with other trustable sources, believe he is straight.

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Owen Wilson’s Children and Their Mothers 

Here’s why we believe Owen Wilson is straight and not gay. Owen Wilson is the father of three children from three different women during a number of high-profile partnerships.

Robert Ford Wilson, Wilson’s first child, was born to his then-girlfriend Jade Duell in 2011. Nevertheless, the pair disintegrated soon after the birth of their kid. Wilson has been a caring and involved father to his son despite their separation and is frequently spotted with him.

Finn Lindqvist Wilson, Wilson’s second kid, was born to his personal trainer Caroline Lindqvist in 2014. Even though their relationship was brief and never dated, Wilson and Lindqvist have remained amicable co-parents to their kids.

In October 2018, he became the father of a daughter named Lyla Aranya Wilson with Varunie Vongsvirates.

Over the years, Wilson has maintained a few high-profile romances with actresses and models. He and actress Kate Hudson were long-term partners but broke up in 2007. Also, he dated Sheryl Crow and model Le Call.

Wilson has been rumored to have dated a few other women, including Rachel McAdams, his former co-star in the film “Midnight in Paris,” but the links were never proven.

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Wilson has maintained a high level of privacy in his personal life despite his previous partnerships; therefore, nothing is known about his present love life.

Owen Wilson has never been married, at least in terms of relationships. He has discussed his aversion to commitment and wanting to concentrate on his job and his kids in interviews.

Wilson has had a few relationships in the public eye, but he is satisfied concentrating on his family and job right now.

Final Words

Owen Wilson isn’t gay. He doesn’t consider himself as the opposite of heterosexual. He has openly dated prominent females and produced kids. His biological children are evidence that he isn’t gay.

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