Is Sheryl Crow Gay or Straight? What’s Her Sexual Orientation?

Sheryl Crow is an outstanding singer who has been popular for decades for presenting many hit songs. While her career is filled with success, her life is messy.

Is Sheryl Crow Gay? Is Sheryl Crow straight? What's her actual sexuality?
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It’s mysterious and sad that she had to spend a long term of her life alone, although once she used to live with her exes. Still, why do people ask, “is Sheryl Crow gay, bisexual or straight? What’s her actual sexual orientation?” that we will discuss today. So, let’s explore Sheryl’s sexuality.

Is Sheryl Crow Gay?

You, too, might be wondering, if Sheryl Crow is gay Straight. Well, Sheryl Crow is not gay. However, many think she is. Some activities of the singer created doubts about her sexuality. Some false news spread, such as Crow is homosexual while she is heterosexual. 

Is Sheryl Crow Gay? What's her sexual orientation?
Sheryl Crow by Cliff licensed under CC BY 2.0

The reason behind doubting her sexuality is her support for the gay community. Although the number of celebrities that supports LGBTQ is large, very few stars like Sheryl openly show love for homosexual people. 

She thinks positively about the gay community and intends to keep supporting them. The singer is already facing controversies for showing love and care for them; still, she seems to not care about all those criticisms. Some even believe her to be gay, and they shared Sheryl Crow’s posts calling her ‘Gay.’ 

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A guy named Stevie shared a post of Sheryl on Twitter where he wrote, “printing out and then framing this Instagram post of gay Sheryl Crow.”

Such posts made more people believe she is not straight. But we want to inform you of the truth about Crow’s sexual orientation.

If you are a true fan of Sheryl and don’t want her to be gay, thankfully, she is not. Previously the singer dated several men, which will clear up all confusion about her sexuality to you and other supporters.

Sheryl Crow’s Past Relationships

Sheryl entered her first relationship in 1998 with Eric Clapton, an excellent musician. The duo had a long affair, and their relationship was not private. They used to attend different events together and took many romantic photos.

It is unknown exactly when they ended their relationship, but after the breakup, they are still in contact and have a strong bond of friendship. [Source: E News]

Sheryl Crow's Past Relationship with Eric Clapton.
Eric Clapton and Sheryl Crow by Alex G licensed under CC BY 2.0

Sheryl didn’t take long to enter a new relationship with the popular actor Owen Wilson. She met him while acting in the film “The Minus Man.” Their affair ended after two years.

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After the breakup, Sheryl made a song dedicating her ex where she expressed how their relationship was. That song is titled “Safe and Sound.” 

She had more relationships before having the last affair with Doyle Bramhall, a producer, in 2011. Currently, she is single.

She even talked about having several relationships with Prevention Magazine. She said, “I’ve been involved with people and their kids, and if the relationship doesn’t work out, it’s heartbreaking. So I’m keeping the relationship friend-based when we’re around the kids. Luckily, we have a great foundation, having known each other for fifteen years.”. These relationships are more than enough to prove Sheryl Crow’s sexuality is straight


Sheryl Crow is an unmarried singer who couldn’t manage to keep herself in a relationship for more than 2-4 years. Moreover, she openly supports homosexuality, making everyone think her gay when she is straight. 


Is Sheryl Crow in a relationship?

Sheryl is living in her 60s. The rocking singer had many relationships in the past, but unfortunately, she couldn’t continue with any of her exes. At this age, Sheryl doesn’t want to take responsibility and is looking for peace while she is living alone. Hence, she has been single since 2011. 

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Is Sheryl Crow still married?

Sheryl Crow never got married. She had several affairs and lived with the men she used to love, but sooner or later, every boyfriend left her. However, she doesn’t care about being alone. At her sixties, she calls herself hot and thinks guys made a mistake by leaving an evergreen lady like her.

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