Is Birdman Gay? What’s the Relation Between Birdman and Lil Wayne?

Birdman is a 54 years old popular American rapper. However, his real name is Bryan Christopher Williams. He is Cash Money Records co-founder.

In 1992 he and his brother Ronald Slim Williams found it together. His career began to get success after his first release debut album in 2002.

Birdman and Lil Wayne gay controversy.
Image source credit: Birdman’s Twitter

Later he released four more solo albums with Big Tymers. Ever since he got super famous, people started showing more interest in him and his personal life, including his family and sexuality.

Birdman’s fans believed that he was straight, but his followers got confused after an incident with Lil Wayne.

The media and ordinary people, everyone were looking for the answers to Birdman’s sexuality and his relationship with Lil Wayne. If you are ready to know what they are to each other, let’s jump into the facts straight.

Is Birdman Gay?

Understanding birdman sexuality is simple. If you look at his love life, you will find a lady only, and she is known as Toni Braxton. Some think they got married, but they haven’t posted any news about it.

The only open fact is they have been in a relationship for a long time. In 2016 they started dating each other and are still keeping the bond well between them. Birdman saw her performance and supported her; this is how they began to get closer. 

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Braxton herself first confirmed the fact that she and Birdman have been dating each other, and they are managing their relationship pretty well. 

In the “Braxton Family Values” season 6, she was seen many times with Birdman. The diamond ring on her finger proved their relationship was going smoothly before she admitted that they got engaged. Check the news in the video below.

Birdman and Lil Wayne’s Relationship

The confusion about the relationship between Birdman and Lil Wayne will be a never-ending issue if you don’t know the truth.

While some think Birdman and Lil Wayne have been in a love relationship since they publicly kissed each other in 2006, some other groups think Birdman is Lil Wayne’s biological father. However, none of this news is true.

The story is something else, and it is Birdman himself who explains exactly what they are to each other. Once he was questioned about his and Lil Wayne’s relationship, he directly answered and said he still regards Wayne as his son and this relationship is pure.

We understand why he feels that way since, with his support and care, Lil Wayne joined the music industry and succeeded; he can think of him as his son. He said:

“Wayne is forever my son. I think that what’s going on is just some business,” he continued. “He is my son, and I love him to death. What’s going on now I don’t know how it’s going to turn out.”

After he gave this speech, it became crystal clear that he is not gay, and he thinks Lil Wayne is like one of his sons.

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Popular rapper like Birdman faces lots of controversies. After kissing Lil Wayne like a father, he was always asked about their relationship.

However, there are still people who keep spreading more rumors like this one. You must not trust them and rather read more informative articles to clear your doubts.

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