Is The Weeknd Gay Or Bisexual? What’s His Actual Sexuality? 

What's The Weeknd's sexuality? Is he gay or bisexual?
The Weeknd by Salandco licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Who doesn’t know Weeknd? He is one of the best musicians of the 21st century, whose songs can give vibes of both 90s classics and modern days music. The ‘Blinding Lights,’ ‘Save Your Tears,’ ‘Earned It,’ ‘The Hills, ‘ and many other hits you keep listening to are Weeknd’s music. 

Although his songs include dark lyricism, the words can boost you. He gained uncountable fans worldwide. The Weeknd supporters are interested in both his personal and professional life. Hence, they want to know the actual sexual orientation of Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, aka Weeknd. 

Is the Weeknd gay, bi, or straight? What’s his sexual orientation? You will find out soon, so keep reading from top to bottom. You will not only know the sexuality of Weeknd but will also know about his partner. So, let’s begin. 

Is Weeknd Gay or Bisexual?

Like every other celebrity fan, Weeknd followers are curious about the Weeknd’s sexuality. Usually, superstars don’t talk about their sexual orientation to the media or the public. 

They prefer to keep things hidden. So, most of the time, we need to assume a big name’s sexuality by looking at their love lives and dating histories. When we looked at the personal life of Weeknd, we found out he is not gay. 

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So, is the Weekend straight? Yes, he is. Weeknd had several affairs, and he even went through controversies for one of his songs named ‘Fu*k You Straight.’

This song included homophobic lyrics. The song says about a woman that is lesbian, but to him, ‘gay’ is nothing but a “phase,” and he can still “fu*k her.”

The Weeknd’s songs include a woman and some feelings for her. The singer didn’t sing a song which indicates that he has feelings even a little for the same gender.

Besides, Abel Makkonen went into several relationships with many entertainment industry divas. So, who was linked with the Weeknd? Let’s learn next. 

Weeknd’s Dating History 

The dating history of Weeknd is indeed pretty prolific. Weeknd dated several gorgeous and high-profile ladies. The first woman that Weeknd had a prominent romance was with Bella Hadid.

She is a well-known supermodel. It was 2015 when they began to capture photos together, and it was no more a secret that the duo was in a relationship.

However, their affair didn’t last long. No one knows when and why the couple ended everything. In 2017 Weeknd was again noticed with Selena Gomez. They attended many events and occasions where they took romantic photos.

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After breaking up with Selena, Weeknd surprisingly patched up with Bella Hadid again, but they chose to split in 2019. Weeknd didn’t stop there; he was later seen with Rosalia, Angelina Jolie, Chantel Jeffries, and Yovanna Ventura. 

In 2022 Weeknd and Simi Khadra were trapped kissing each other at an event. However, they didn’t open up about their relationship with the public. 


The Weeknd presented this generation with evergreen songs. Whether you’re a teen or an adult, you will find his lyrics relating to your various life situations. 

Although, understandably, the Weeknd’s sexuality is straight yet the followers want to confirm that they have the right information about their favorite celebrity’s label of sexuality. Now, you know the Weeknd’s correct sexual orientation.

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