Is Kendrick Lamar Gay Or Bi? Which Song Fueled His Gay Rumors?

Kendrick Lamar exploded a bomb on social media with his new hit “Auntie Diaries.” This song not only surprised fans but also made them curious to know about Kendrick Lamar’s sexuality again. 

Everything about Kendrick Lamar's sexuality. Did he come out as gay or bisexual?
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The song lyrics had some deep discussion where the singer took the side of humanity over Christianity. In the song, he said that his auntie was a man who was his uncle once. So let’s find out what Kendrick Lamar said in it and if there’s a hint of his sexual orientation. 

Did Kendrick Lamar Come Out As Gay or Bi in His Auntie Diaries Song? 

If you’ve already heard Lamar’s 2022Auntie Diaries” released, you’ve already understood that the singer stood for trans people. This was shocking because Kendrick is known as a religious rapper who generally speaks about obeying God. This time he talked differently than the devoted Christian he was. 

With the song release, did he come out as queer? Well, we will understand that after explaining the lyrics. Let’s see what the rapper says about him and his family. About his uncle Kendrick Lamar said, 

“My auntie is a man now

I think I’m old enough to understand now

Drinking Paul Mason with her hat turned backward” 

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“My auntie became a man, and I took pride in it

She wasn’t gay, she ate pussy, and that was the difference

That’s what I told my friends in second grade

She picking me up from school, they stare at her in the face

They couldn’t comprehend what I grew accustomed

We pull off bumpin’ quick like it 

“The building was thinking out loud, bad angel

That’s when you looked at me and smiled, said, “Thank you”

The day I chose humanity over religion

The family got closer; it was all forgiven”

Some parts of the lyrics show that Lamar chose his family, although it includes trans members, over Christianity. So in Auntie Diaries, Lamar didn’t come out; instead, he stood beside trans people through his powerful lyrics. 

Besides, he is engaged to his lovely fiancée Whitney Alford. Let’s look at his love life with her to understand that Kendrick Lamar is straight. 

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Kendrick Lamar is Engaged to Whitney Alford and Has Two Children Together

The “HUMBLE” singer is engaged with his friend from his teen life Whitney Alford. They were friends for years before getting Into a relationship. Their love life is long and robust. 

In 2015 Lamar got engaged to the only love of his life. They became parents of two babies. Their first child, a daughter, was welcomed on 26th July 2019. Both Kendrick and Whitney kept everything secret about their second child. 

If he were gay or bi, he would have come out since the rapper is slowly raising his voice for the LGBT community. The “Bad Blood” singer’s lifestyle indicates that he is straight. 

Final Words

In 2022, Kendrick Lamar shocked his followers and media by releasing a song related to the LGBT community. The song was about people who are trans. 

Although the song had a different meaning, some people thought he was bisexual or gay, and so is speaking of trans people in a supportive way. 

Since the song was huge, we analyzed it and found out that the “Money Trees” singer wasn’t talking about his sexuality but about an uncle from his family, who he has to call now auntie, who was also trans. 

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In real life, Kendrick Lamar is heterosexual. He has been dating a woman, Whitney Alford, and even became the biological father of two children.

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