Is Billy Idol Gay or Bi? A Close Look at His Sexuality

When a star keeps silent on his personal information like love life or sexuality, followers love to assume things. But sadly, most assumptions are not correct. Billy Idol’s assumed sexuality label by some supporters is also not correct. 

Here is a close look at Billy Idol's sexuality. Let's see whether he's gay, bisexual, or straight.
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When Idol was young, he appeared like a complete rock singer wearing some make-up and metal-made jewelry. His silence on sexual orientation also made followers think he could be gay. But all these years, those fans didn’t know the truth. Here’s the correct knowledge on Billy Idol’s sexuality. 

Fans Thought Billy Idol is Gay for His Obsession with His Body

Usually, we find females obsessed with their figure, skin, and body. But when we find a man is too interested in keeping his body flawless, we don’t usually take it. 

This created scope for his supporters to misunderstand the singer’s sexual orientation. As a great singer in the rock music industry, Billy Idol always takes care of him. He never went out of fashion ideas. 

Wearing necklaces and bracelets is standard for rock singers. For a few fans, it’s odd. Eventually, gay rumors started to swirl in the news about Billy Idol. The reality is he is not. Like most other rock singers he tried to keep a punk look by wearing those jewelry pieces. 

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Billy Idol Remained Silent About Gay Rumors

The singer of ‘Rebel Yell’ has been always silent on false gossip about his label of sexual orientation. This is a big reason why many fans doubt his sexuality even more. 

We’ve checked the interviews available as a video record but couldn’t find him admitting himself as straight or gay. So we had to dig into his personal life to get the answer you and we are searching for. 

Billy Idol is the Biological Father of Two Children 

Billy Idol is a straight man. He tasted the joy of being a biological father of a daughter and son. His children tell us he is super straight.

The White Wedding singer had several affairs with only high-profile females. However, he didn’t marry any of his girlfriends but became parents to two of his exes. 

His first child was Willem Wolf Broad. He drew his first breath in 1988. Billy shares this child with Perri Lister, a dancer, and singer. A year after his son’s birth, he split with Lister. 

His other child is a daughter, who is known as Bonnie Blue. Her mother is Idol’s ex Linda Mathis. There is not enough information on her. Billy Idol is straight, and so he has children of his own. 

Final Words

The name “Billy Idol” is deeply involved with the ‘Rock’ genre music. Since the 1980s, he has been shaking the floors of his fans’ houses. To this day, people love vibing with Billy’s music. Although he lives in his sixties, his fans are confused about his sexuality. 

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There is also fake news about him being homosexual. So we checked this British-American singer’s sexual orientation and discovered he is straight. Hence, we made things clear to you through this article.

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