Is Billie Eilish Gay? Is She Too Young To Explore Her Sexuality?

Billie Eilish is a 21 years old young pop star who has achieved a million fans by just singing “Ocean Eyes.” Her voice has the next level of musical strength.

What's Billie Eilish's sexuality? Is she gay or straight?
Billie Eilish by crommelincklars licensed under CC BY 2.0

For the first time, she caught everyone’s attention globally through her song “Ocean Eyes” uploaded on SoundCloud.

That was the start of her success; later, she gifted her fans with more amazing songs like “Lovely, I Love You, Bury a Friend, Happier Than Ever, and more.

While she has always been praised for her excellence in singing, she has also been criticized for her sexuality. People have different views on her sexuality since she never expressed anything relating to her sexual interests.

If you, too, have questions like, “Is Billie Eilish gay or straight? What’s her sexual orientation?” We are here with some interesting facts to clear all your confusion regarding her sensuality. So, let’s jump right into the facts.

Billie Eilish Song About Gays

In 2019 Billie Eilish shocked her fans with a new song, “Wish You Were Gay.” After the song was released, she had to go through many controversies.

Some even claimed the song had misled the young generation. However, the song lyrics have nothing to prove she likes gays or is gay.

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What people think about Billie Eilish sexual orientation.
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The song has a deep story about the love of a boy and a girl where the boy seems to have no interest in the girl, so she wishes the boy were gay.

Because if he were gay, she would have never fallen for him. So, this song actually proves Billie Eilish’s sexuality and that she is straight.

Is Billie Eilish too Young to Explore Her Sexuality?

There are only a couple of singers who became popular at a young age; Billie Eilish is one of them. Generally, a person needs to become mature enough to understand their sexuality.

Billie Eilish is now only 21 years old, meaning she might or might not be mature enough to explore and understand her sexual desires.

Is Billie Eilish queen?
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Medical says a person needs to be between 15 to 19 to understand their sexuality properly. The chances are that Billie Eilish is still inspecting her sexuality because she liked the Billie Eilish fan page posts defending her.

Billie Eilish Joined LGBTQ Community?

Many people, including her fans, claim Billie Eilish has joined the LGBTQ community. But Billie herself never said anything like that. She only liked a post about the LGBTQ community, and people started to assume things.

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Things were becoming more complicated after she posted an image on Instagram with girls captioning “I love girls.” This one post made Billie go trending on Twitter right away.

What did Billie Eilish say about her sexuality?
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People started googling to know her sexuality by asking Google if Billie Eilish is gay, straight, or bisexual. But this is normal to enjoy with girls, especially when you have amazing female friends.

Billie Eilish likes enjoying with both guys and girls like every usual person, and by accepting that she loves girls, she might have meant she likes being with girls, which is pretty normal.


Is Billie Eilish gay or straight? What’s her sexuality? These are always trending questions. You will find people spreading rumors about her being gay or bisexual, but this 21-year-old lady is straight yet exploring her sexuality further.

After gathering all the useful facts, we believe she is more interested in men than ladies; however, she likes to enjoy her time with girls more.

Since she is a super famous pop icon, it’s normal for her to have controversies, but being a good fan, you must only believe in stated facts.

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