Is Ed Sheeran Gay? What Did He Say About His Sexuality?

Many Ed Sheeran fans still question the sexuality of this popular singer asking, if Ed Sheeran is gay or straight. And did he say anything about his sexual orientation? knowing the fact that he is married to a sweet woman.

What's Ed Sheeran's sexual orientation?

His wife’s name is Cherry Seabron. This isn’t surprising people think he is gay because Ed indeed did some gayish things. The rumors about him being gay started in the year of 2012. But he clearly stated that he is not gay.

It’s a disgrace when fans start doubting their favorite music icon’s sexuality without knowing the real facts.

So before you judge him, know some solid facts that clear all your confusion about his sexual interests. So, if you are ready, let’s get started.

Ed Sheeran Sexuality

Ed Sheeran's Tweet regarding his gay rumor.
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When in 2012 the rumors Ed Sheeran is gay started to spread, he all by himself stated the truth on Twitter by twitting “i’d just like to clear up two rumors im hearing a lot. i am not a gay, nor do i have a girlfriend. enjoy the music. that is all x.”

This one post helped most fans understand his sexual orientation; however, the rumors are still in the air. Ed Sheeran even started dating women to remove this misconception from everyone’s minds, which actually didn’t help much. 

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But finally, he did something in 2018 that made people eliminate all the doubts regarding his sexuality. This British man got married to his childhood and school friend Cherry Seaborn. After the marriage, the “Gay” label is removed completely from him.

It’s now crystal clear to all his fans that he is not only a straight guy but also happily married. He even has a child that he loves so much.

What Made People Think Ed Sheeran is Gay?

Well, a sad part of every celebrity’s life is facing cyberbullies. Ed Sheeran also had to face many cyberbullies, for which he even quit Twitter once. It’s unfortunate that fans go too crazy with the personal life of celebrities

Now coming to the point, what made people think is ed Sheeran gay? Honestly, he did something that will make anyone doubt his sexuality. Back in 2014, he went to a show of “Undateable” in that episode, Brent Morin called Ed on the stage.

After going to the stage, Brent Morin started dancing with Ed in the live show, where Ed kissed Brent with his interest.

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They kissed each other twice. However, it was nothing but a part of that episode. He once kissed Keith Lemon in 2017, which also led his fans to think he is gay.

Well, kissing each other may be a small part of the celeb’s life which we need to understand and stop believing in fake claims. Ed Sheeran was never gay; he always talked and acted straight.


After facing all those annoying social bullies, Ed has now become serious about his personal life. He now likes to keep his private life hidden. We hope it clears up the singer’s actual sexuality.

Also, let’s not try to spread any fake news in order to show respect for the personal lives of others, whether he is an ordinary person or a celebrity.

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