Is Lana Del Rey Gay or Bisexual? What’s Her Sexuality?

Lana Del Rey is globally popular for her enchanting music. Often people say that she sounds indie, but luckily her voice matches perfectly with mainstream music. She gained most of her fans after singing “Summertime Sadness” in 2013, and it was a super hit song. 

Is Lana Del Rey gay or straight? A close look at her sexuality.
Lana Del Rey by Jaguar Cars MENA licensed under CC BY 2.0

Lana Del Rey’s sexuality has become a question after one incident. The gay community considers her their icon.

Although she is not an official gay icon yet, the LGBTQ community’s consideration made all her fans ask, is Lana Del Rey gay or bisexual? What’s her sexuality? Let’s find out together. 

Why is Lana Del Rey Considered the Gay Icon? 

According to gay fans of Lana, most of her songs indicate a particular portion of a society containing people who are trying to be accepted but are not getting enough acceptance. They think she indirectly speaks about the LGBT community. 

Also, in Del Rey’s lyrics, it is found that she was trying to talk about people who are misunderstood, like gay people.

She even wrote a song regarding it and named it “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood.” Since Lana’s music talks about LGBT individuals little or more, they consider her their icon. [Source: The Tulane Hullabaloo]

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This is why Del Rey fans are more interested in her sexual orientation. What do you think? Is Lana del Rey bisexual or straight? The answer lies in her date histories. 

Lana Del Rey’s Dates

Lana is now single, but did you know that she was engaged officially once in her life? It was in December 2020 that she and Clayton Johnson tied the knot.

She met with Clayton, her ex-fiance, on a dating application. The couple chatted for months, dated for a while, and then married soon enough.

Clayton is mainly a singer like Lana, and he sings for the Skyline Stereo band. The unfortunate part is that the duo didn’t keep the relationship longer, and before the engagement was about to turn into marriage, they got separated. 

Although Lana once kissed a female, that was nothing but a friendly kiss. So, we have dug into her dating life, and as you can see, she wasn’t reported to have a relationship with the same-gender.

Lana is also seen with men more than women. This is more than enough to understand Lana Del Rey’s Sexuality is straight. 


Lana del Rey’s career is filled with success, while sadly, her love life is a mess. Maybe this is another reason she wrote both romantic songs and music that indicates misunderstood people. Whatever it is, one thing we are sure about is that she is a completely straight woman.

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