Is Olivia Rodrigo Gay or Bisexual? What’s Her Sexuality?

Olivia Rodrigo is a young achiever in the 21st-century film industry. She became super popular for her acting skills in a series called “American Girl.” At 7, she was praised and managed to build a path for herself in the show biz while being a little kid. 

Is Olivia Rodrigo gay or not? What's Olivia Rodrigo's sexual orientation?
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In her teen life, she got the most recognition. Now, she is even more popular for having many Disney Channel roles. While the star almost shared all her personal information, she didn’t reveal her sexuality publicly. 

But don’t worry about it, since you are here to know if Olivia Rodrigo is gay or bisexual. What’s her sexuality? We will tell about her real sexual orientation. Stay with us because we will find the hidden truth together. So, let’s begin. 

Is Olivia Rodrigo Gay or Bisexual? 

Well, if you are straight and have a crush on Olivia, there’s good news for you! Olivia is not gay; she is not even bisexual.

Olivia never spoke about her sexuality to the media. However, seeing her lifestyle, especially her love life, we can assure you that Olivia Rodrigo’s sexuality is straight. 

We are claiming this because Olivia was rumored to have relationships with several guys, including Adam Faze, Joshua Bassett, and Ethan Wacker. The actress, however, tried to keep her affairs secret, and she still claims herself single.

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Through some of her activities with her exes, it was understandable that they were dating. The most spotlight relationship of Olivia’s life was with Adam Faze. Let’s dig into her love life a little more to understand her sexuality better. 

Olivia Rodrigo and Adam Faze

Who is this Adam Faze? Well, he is a producer, and that settles how they met. Of course, after getting introduced to each other in a show biz event. The event was held in June 2021. Olivia, after going into a relationship with Adam, even kissed him.

The sad part is that they broke up soon. According to People Magazine, on 17th February 2022, Olivia and Adam separated. After the breakup, Olivia got so hurt that she unfollowed Adam’s Instagram account. 

It proves that Olivia Rodrigo was actually in love with Adam Faze, and this is the reason why she couldn’t forget him and so had to unfollow his account.

This also clears the fact that she is straight. Since she is straight, she loved a man, and when they ended the relationship, it broke her heart. 


In Olivia Rodrigo’s long life career, she didn’t expose her sexuality to the media or her fans by any means. That doesn’t mean she is bisexual or gay. Olivia also didn’t mention anywhere that she mentioned her sexual orientation as gay or bisexual. 

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To understand her sexuality, you have to go deep into her personal life, meaning her love life. We have already told you every little thing about her affairs, and you have seen that she has always dated men, which clarifies her sexuality is straight. 

So, next, you meet your friends, and they ask you if Olivia Rodrigo is gay, bi, or straight. Tell them the truth with confidence.

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