Is Mike Bowling Gay? Look At His Sexuality and Divorce

Are you a die-hard fan of Mike Bowling? You most probably want to know if he is gay after an unfortunate incident happened, Bowling’s divorce from his ex-wife. 

Look at Mike Bowling's sexuality, marriage, and divorce.
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This divorce does give us a clue about his sexuality. To some, it proves Mike Bowling is gay, and to others, it tells he is straight. This article will examine facts about his private life and find his absolute sexual orientation. 

Mike Bowling Didn’t Address Gay Rumors

Gay rumors were swirling online about Mike Bowling for a long time. Fans are always interested to hear Bowling say something about his sexuality. Sadly it never happened. 

Till the day the ‘I Take Him Back’ singer kept quiet about this issue. However, he shared his personal life, like his wife’s and children’s pictures. Those images make us understand that Mike Bowling is not Gay. 

Mike Bowling’s Instagram Suggests He Is Straight

Bowling did a wise thing. He kept his Instagram account public, sharing pictures of his daughters and wife, Kelly. There are several photos of them, especially of his daughters. 

However, he didn’t share much information about his family with the media except for her wife’s name. But those images tell us precisely what we want to know, his sexuality. 

Mike Bowling is heterosexual, and his marriage with Kelly and his three biological daughters is evidence of it. 

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Mike Bowling’s Divorce With Kelly Bowling

Most probably, gay rumors about his sexual orientation spread after fans assumed Bowling and Kelly would split soon in 2021. Kelly had to leave their blue house along with the daughters. 

She shared an image of the house and updated an emotional status where people learned the couple is no longer together. Kelly’s mother commented there and informed the fans of the couple’s divorce to the fans. 

This shocked his supporters and created a question in their minds, “is Mike Bowling gay?” The answer is already known. He is not gay because he wouldn’t have married Kelly and produced three children with her if he were. 

In the end, it’s hurtful news that this long-term marriage broke. The duo kept their reason for splitting a secret. After the divorce, Mike stopped posting on his Instagram, and Kelly stopped sharing his image on her profile. 

Final Words

Mike Bowling has vanished all of a sudden. This saddens his fans. Although he no longer shares his updates, questions about his sexuality are still asked by his supporters. 

According to his married life, we can say he was never gay and is still not. However, we didn’t find the singer speaking of his sexuality with any Interviewer. Another saddening news is he and his ex-wife Kelly are no longer a couple. 

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The pair divorced in 2021. They didn’t share the reason for ending things, but they were not living together. Kelly lives with their daughters.

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