Is Eddie Munson a Gay Character in Stranger Things Series?

Eddie Munson is one of the favorite characters in the ‘Stranger Things’ Netflix series. Within a short period, this personality became of considerable interest to its viewers, who taught us something brave. 

Is Eddie Munson gay in the series Stranger Things?
Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson by Budiey licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

We find Eddie Munson sacrificing his life for friends. While it’s excellent teaching, some people misunderstood the entire thing and began to think Eddie Munson might be gay. Well, that’s why we are here, to disclose the sexuality of Eddie Munson. 

Let’s find out his sexuality label as well as understand the whole story of him sacrificing his life. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Eddie Munson’s Sacrifice For Dustin Henderson Made Fans Doubt The Character’s Sexuality

Eddie Munson is one of the primary roles in “Stranger Things” season 4. It became a favorite of thousands of people quickly. Eddie became famous for his sacrificing mindset. No one was ready for the scene where he put his life at risk in order to ensure Henderson’s safety. 

In his final scene, we see him getting emotional for Dustin. He and Henderson spent some time together in the Upside Down. He grew to care for him and decided to fight like a brave person. When Vena’s demo bats broke in, Eddie and Dustin left the Upside Down. 

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After Dustin reached the gate, Eddie stopped. Although he had the chance to escape, he took the risk to save his friends. He cut a rope through which Dustin could return. Hence, Henderson had to leave, and Munson was attracted. Eventually, he died. 

Before dying, we found Edward Munson speaking of his brotherly love for Dustin Henderson. Some fans thought that love was something romantic. However, we found out it was brotherly love. Hence Eddie Munson is not gay. 

According to Joseph Quinn, Eddie Munson Had a Crush on Chrissy

Joseph Quinn said he believed that his character, ‘Eddie Munson’ had a crush on a female character named Chrissy. When IGN Interviewed him and asked about this, the British actor replied positively. 

He said, “I think kind of… yes. I think he did,” Quinn says. “I think, playing with archetypes, especially in American high school, I don’t think you’d ever put those two together. But they get to know each other more in Episode 1, and there’s kind of potential there, and then something horrible happens.”

Also, we must not forget that although Eddie Munson failed to save Chrissy, he did make the girl smile before she died. So Joseph Quinn also thinks the same as fans that Munson liked Chrissy. But things got messy before the two could make it to a romantic journey. 

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Eddie liking Chrissy also reveals his sexuality. It’s now clear that Stranger Things character Eddie Munson is not homosexual but heterosexual. 

Final Words

Sexuality is a sensitive matter. That’s why in most series, a character’s sexual orientation is kept hidden unless it too has a significant role to play in the story. Hence most of the time, fans assume the sexual label of characters. 

Eddie Munson, who is one of the chief personalities in Stranger Things, is assumed to be gay by some fans. Because he sacrificed his life for male friends, Eddie’s authentic sexuality was straight. 

He only risked his life because he had brotherly and friendly love toward his friends. He was interested in Chrissy, a girl who also proved him as straight.

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