Stranger Things Character Fueled Maya Hawke’s Gay Rumors 

Maya Hawke is not the only celebrity whose sexual label is misunderstood for playing a homosexual role. Many celebrities like her were once considered gay for playing gay characters. 

Why Maya Hawke's sexuality is being questioned? Is she gay or straight?
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Maya Hawke plays Robin in Stranger Things, and this role fueled her gay rumors. In season three, we know that Robin has sexual interests in women other than men. But does she have a physical attraction to same-sex people in real life? 

Keep reading this article to learn Maya Hawke’s actual sexual orientation and if she is having an affair at present.  

Maya Hawke Is Happy to Play a Queer Character in Stranger Things

Maya Hawke is one of the exciting characters in Stranger Things. She was introduced to us in season three. We saw her working in an ice cream store with our other favorite role ‘Steve.’ 

When they got stuck in the bathroom, Steve told Robin (Maya Hawke’s character) to have a crush on her. He thought he would get a positive reply, but it was funny when Steve got rejected because Robin is lesbian. 

She shocked the audience by saying she had a massive crush on a girl, and we also got to know her in the first episode of season 4. Robin’s crush is Vickie. For playing a queer role, she was asked about her sexuality a lot of times. 

The actress was also questioned about how she felt while playing a gay character. In an interview with Variety, Maya said she is happy that a queer character openly exists in Stranger Things. 

She said, “A lot of the time, gay characters these days often get to be gay without acting on it; they don’t get to kiss someone or have that really be a core center of their story.

Not that there’s any kissing in the season there. There may or may not be kissing. But there are like real feelings and a real story that gets built, and that feels like a really awesome step for Robin’s journey and a really cool step for queer characters in sci-fi that I’m really happy about.” 

Some also believe that character ‘Will,’ played by actor Noah, is gay. Maya Hawke hasn’t shared her sexuality with the media, but she is pretty open about dating men. Her interest in men clears any doubts about her sexual label. 

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Maya Hawke Is Dating Spencer Barnett Like a Straight Lady 

The Musician Spencer Barnett and actress Maya Hawke were captured kissing by the Daily Mail. Since then, fans have been speculating about them as a couple. According to some sources, they even posted some photos of them together but later deleted them. 

However, Spencer didn’t delete Maya’s image that he shared on his Instagram timeline on 27th August 2022. Hence, the two must still be dating. They no longer share close pictures, but, understandably, the couple wants to keep their love life a little private. 

Final Words

Maya Hawke is brave enough to ignore gay rumors about her. She plays the character of Robin who is queer. For playing a lesbian role, she has to go through controversies. 

But most of her supporters are taking the role positively, which is giving her strength to ignore false gossip about her sexual orientation. Besides, she is keeping her love life open, and that is also helping her dismiss false gay rumors.

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