Is Jared Leto Gay or Bi? Which Movie Character Fueled His Gay Rumors?

Jared Leto's gay rumors, sexuality, and dating details.
Jared Leto by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Jared Leto, popularly known for playing gay characters, is often considered homosexual. Although the actor has never declared his sexuality or labeled it, the rumors persist. 

Depending on everyone’s speculation, we can assume his sexuality whether he speaks about it directly or not. Today we will look at his private life to see who he has dated or married. 

Jared’s lovers will help us determine his sexual interests meaning his sexual orientation. So, without further ado, let’s start exploring his sexuality together. 

Jared Leto Gay Rumors Sparked After He Played the Transgender Character in Dallas Buyers Club 

People believed the actor Jared Leto was straight for a long time, but their beliefs changed. After Leto changed his appearance and acted as a transgender prostitute in the Dallas Buyers Club movie, his acting was so good that it won him an Oscar.

Besides, he even sports the LGBTQ community and he replied to one of them on Twitter that he Loved it (them attending gay pride).

However, there were still some people who considered the actor straight. Hence the director was criticized for not picking a real gay actor for the movie by the audience. 

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Any Evidence to Support the Rumors Jared Leto is Bisexual? 

People are always too keen to hear about their favorite celebrity’s sexuality from their mouths. But like most other stars, Leto kept his sexuality a secret, so people assumed what they thought. He does have male friends and often spends good times with them but that doesn’t make him bisexual.

But we haven’t found any evidence that supports the claim that Jared Leto can be bisexual. When we looked at his love interest, it hinted that Jared might be straight. 

Jared Leto Seems Straight: Has Always Dated Women in Real Life

Checked the list of Jared Leto girlfriends. We found he was never romantically close with males but with females. The point is we have seen him being intimate with ladies, and that’s a great way of understanding a person’s sexual interests and thus sexuality. 

Leto was first rumored to have dated A. N. Era. No one knows who she was. It was a rumor. He had his life’s first public affair with Solei Moon Fry.

The duo was too young when they went into a relationship. The couple met at the studio of the movie Coolest Ice. Their relationship ended soon, and the reason is unknown. 

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Next, his name got involved with the Hollywood celebrity Cameron Diaz. The two were often seen hugging and hanging out. But as both were stars, they had busy schedules, especially Cameron, so the couple had to break up.

He achieved the name ‘Playboy’ as he had affairs with many Hollywood elite-class celebrities, including Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton, Lydia Hearst, Valery Kaufman, Nina Senicar, and Kristy McDaniel and Katharina Damm. The Morbius celebrity was also alleged to be a pedophile as he forcefully had s*x with teenage girls. 

Final Words

As per the speculations, we can say Jared Leto may be straight. Since he is considered a playboy and even a rapist by several women.

Also, we found out he likes having s*x with teenage girls. As he was involved with women only, we can assume him as straight. 


Did Jared Leto marry Katy Perry? 

Katy Perry and Jared Leto once used to be a couple. Although they never publicly mentioned that they were dating, the closeness of the two disclosed all the truth about their love journey.

Unfortunately, they ended up breaking up, so they never get the chance to ask one another for marriage. 

Did Jared Leto and Lindsay Lohan date? 

Lindsay Lohan had quite a cute relationship with Jared Leto. We said cute because the couple used to break up and patch up a lot. They have dated on and off the screen.

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According to the media reports, the duo began dating in 2006, but no one knows precisely when they broke up. 

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