Was James Dean Gay Or Bisexual? What Was His Sexuality?

Over 60 years have passed since James Dean’s tragic death, yet Hollywood hasn’t been able to get another actor like him. Only at the age of 24, he had died in a car accident on 30th September 1995.

What was  James Dean sexual orientation?
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This talented and famous actor still has a huge fan base who wants to know everything about him, including his Sexuality. Unfortunately, his sexual orientation is still a debating matter.

Because some biographers used to believe he was a bisexual person, while others used to think he was gay after he said something unusual in an interview.

Today we will discuss some facts and find out the answers to the question “was James Dean gay, straight or bisexual? What’s his sexuality?” So, let’s not waste further time and get down to business.

Why Did Some People think James Dean Was a Gay?

Dean is constantly contemplated as a sexual icon since he experienced sex in various ways. He was even awarded “greatest male gay icon of all time by the Gay Times because he had an interest in not only females but also in males.

Once he was questioned about his sexuality, he said, “No, I am not a homosexual. But I am also not going to go through life with one hand tied behind my back.”

James Dean at his old days.
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However, after knowing about some of James dean’s gay relationships with several popular guys like William Bast and analyzing what James Warner Bellah said, we can say he used to do such activities just to push on his career.

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Here is what James Bellah reported about Dean, “Dean was a user. I don’t think he was homosexual. But if he could get it sometimes by performing an act…. Once…at an agents office, Dean told me that he had spent the summer as a ‘professional house guest’ on Fire island.”

Also, he had an affair with a female Italian actress, which proves he is not a homosexual. But we can consider James Dean bisexual since he had a physical relationship with both women and men.

Although he went into relationships with guys to level up his career, still a guy without more or less interest can’t have physical intimacy with the same gender.

James Dean Relationship

Dean once went on a movie set in order to meet with Paul Newman. There he found his love at first sight. He saw Pier Angeli, the famous and pretty Italian actress, get introduced to her. After spending some time together, they went into a relationship.

James Dean with Pier Angeli.

Unfortunately, Angeli’s mother was against their love, and she tried to separate them. She didn’t want her daughter to marry James Dean since he wasn’t a Catholic. For this reason, Pier Angeli tied her knot with Vic Damone.


James Dean sadly lived a shorter life than his fans have expected. However, he almost gave us a pretty clear idea of his sexual orientation while he was alive.

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We now have the answer to the query “was James dean gay” and knew about James dean sexuality. He is, of course, not gay, but he did act like a bisexual person.

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