Is Kristen Stewart Gay or Bi? Who’s Her Fiancée, Dylan Meyer?

The internet’s questions are swirling: “is Kristen Stewart gay or bi?” Since she once told the media that she is gay and then later came out as bisexual. The actress has dated many times and is finally committed to someone. 

Kristen Stewart with her gay dating partner and fiancée, Dylan Meyer.
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Stewart is an exciting person. She has a great fan base and has opened her life to her followers. However, people are still confused about her label of sexuality.

But that is why we are here. Let’s explore Kristen Stewart’s sexual orientation and know in detail who Kristen Stewart’s fiancée Dylan Meyer is. 

Kristen Stewart Once Said She is Gay

Kristen Stewart suddenly declared herself gay in one episode of the show Saturday Night Live. The actress was the show host for that particular day and responded to Donald Trump’s comments about her. 

In 2013 when Stewart was in a relationship with Pattinson, Donald Trump suggested Rob dump Kristen. She responded to that suggestion by saying, “Donald, If you didn’t like me, then you’re probably not going to like me now cos I’m hosting SNL, and I’m like so gay, dude.” [YouTube] 

Kristen Stewart Was Confused With Her Feelings For So Long

Since the Twilight lead female character was in a relationship with several men, including Robert Pattinson, and is now dating a woman, some people think she is bisexual. However, she was heterosexual back then but has now ultimately become lesbian.

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According to her, people change daily, so there should be no surprise knowing that Kristen Stewart has come out as homosexual. Also, the talented woman told Howard that asking about her sexuality now seems to her a ridiculous thing to do. 

She also expressed that coming out was hard because Hollywood is so violent. In the interview with Howard Stern, Kristen said, “People change every day. There is no reason why anyone needs to like provide an easy narrative for other people to digest. It’s like there’s no…. why would I simplify something very complex just in order for you to feel more comfy. [YouTube]

It’s like no, I want to diminish this like cool thing which is like discovering yourself and your sexuality and like how that changes.” 

Her words clarified that she didn’t know she was lesbian, and suddenly she realized one day. Hence we can say Kristen Stewart’s sexuality is neither straight nor bisexual but homosexual. 

Final Words

Kristen Stewart is one of the few celebrities who are queer. They first came out as gay and then as bisexual. Kristen is now in a public relationship with a woman, and after dating many guys and girls, she finally chooses to get engaged.

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Who has Kristen Stewart been married to?

Kristen Stewart is not married to anyone. She has dated many people and is still in a relationship. The actress is planning to get married soon to her present fiancée. 

Are Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in a relationship? 

Twilight movie stars Kristen Stewart, and Robert Pattinson’s relationship was a big highlight from 2009 to 2013. The duo was in 4 years of relationship, and fans thought they might get married.

However, they ended everything after Pattinson found out Stewart cheated on him with Snow White director Rupert Sanders. 

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