Is Kathy Bates Gay, Straight or Bi? Look At Her Sexuality

Kathy Bates is an American director and actress. Her real name is Kathleen Doyle Bates. She achieved many respectable awards, including Golden Globe Award, Academy Award, and Primetime Emmy Award. 

A close look at Kathy Bates' sexuality? Is she gay, bi or straight?
Kathy Bates by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Kathy Bates graduated from Southern Methodist University in the Theatre. Then she moved to New York City, and there she approached acting. She played a minor character role before entering the film industry in 1971. 

Bates continued to act on both stages and on-screen for a decade or more. Her first achievement was the Tony Award.

She gained this award as the Best Lead Actress for nicely playing a role in Night and Mother. She made herself a remarkable Hollywood actress with her performance in Misery (1990), a psychological thriller movie. 

Kathy acted as Anny Wilkes and caught everyone’s attention. This movie brought her the Academy Award for ‘Best Actress’. The actress was also seen in the movie Titanic in 1997, where she played a supporting role. Since then, Kathy Bates has gathered many fans. 

Both media and fans miss her in movies these days and want to know many things about her, including her sexual orientation.

Although we will not have a brief talk about her personal life today, we will learn if Kathy Bates is gay, straight, or bisexual. And have a close look at her sexuality. 

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Why Do People Think Kathy Bates is Gay? 

While Kathy Bates is not gay, she is considered one. Because she played the role of a lesbian three times, she professionally acted like a lesbian.

Kathy was also married before; however, she is now single. Another big reason she is considered gay is that she is obsessed with the gay community. 

In her early career life, she didn’t know that a community of gay people existed. After knowing about the existence of this group, she began to love the community. 

Kathy had several gay friends which she brought her home to visit. She shared with the media how her old parents reacted when they saw her with those homosexual friends.

She told the HollywoodMask, “when I brought gay friends home to visit, it was really kind of funny to see them react (her parents).” 

When Kathy’s followers read this, they thought she had some gay or lesbian character hidden in herself. But the truth is, Kathy Bates’ sexuality is straight. 

Who Is Kathy Bates’ Ex-husband? 

Some supporters of Kathy Bates do not know she once got married in her life. So, they keep asking Google, whether Kathy Bates is gay or bisexual. Kathy married Tony Campisi in 1991. 

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They lived together for 6 years until their relationship became impossible to continue in 1997. After the couple ended things, Kathy didn’t marry the second time.

She is still single. If Bates were a homosexual or binary, she wouldn’t marry a man and stay with him for 6 years. 


Kathy Bates is a multi-talented person. She is great at both acting and directing. With her growing popularity, she also had to go through controversies for acting as a lesbian on TV. 

It created doubts and questions in everyone’s mind regarding her sexuality. However, the actress never confirmed her sexuality, but it proved she is straight since she married Tony Campisi. 

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