Unpacking the Debate: Is Eric Andre Gay or Bisexual?

Eric Andre is famous for being the host and creator of the hit comedy show, ‘The Eric Andre Show. His profession is a comedian and actor. He received vast praise when he finished his life’s first special standup performance in ‘Legalize Everything.’ 

Here are details of Eric Andre's sexuality and dating life.
Eric Andre by cleftclips licensed under CC BY 2.0

The show was such a huge success that it also premiered on Netflix. Last year in 2021, he starred in ‘Bad Trip.’ He was the producer of it and also co-wrote it. 

The comedian is serious about his career. He did many unusual things for pranking people in order to make them laugh. He was hurt and arrested twice for some extreme pranks. Still, Eric doesn’t care about getting hurt or going to jail if it’s for the sake of his fans. 

While some stars were out there who had to struggle much and had no support from their family on their journey of establishing themselves, Eric always had luck with him. His mother is his biggest fan. She and the whole family were always there to help him become a comedy master. 

Eric also luckily achieved a large fan base quicker. But having fans means you have celebrities who have to share things with their supporters to get continuous support.

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Many of Andre’s followers inquire if Eric Andre is gay or bisexual. And whether the comedian is dating anyone or not. Let’s find out by reading ahead. 

Is Eric Andre Gay?

Eric Andre is not gay; his sexuality is misunderstood by most for acting silly in front of the camera. Like every other comedian, Eric’s sexuality has also been a question for a long time. 

But rather than directly labeling his sexuality, he told the interviewer that gender is something we should not count on. He thinks every people are bisexual. 

He said, “I think everyone is bi, right? There’s no such thing as sexual orientation, or race, or gender.” [Source: Wikipedia

Although he said he thinks everyone is bisexual, Eric is straight. There is no report of Eric having an affair with a guy.

But there are several reports of Andre being in relationships with women. It proves he is straight. So, is he dating anyone right now? We will share this next. 

Eric Andre’s Current Girlfriend

Although Andre knows that people have been talking about his sexual orientation, he doesn’t seem to have an interest in explaining himself. He was asked about his sexuality in many interviews, but most of the time. 

Eric Andre Seems not to like having a celebrity girlfriend anymore. He is now interested in having affairs with ‘regular’ ladies. In 2021 Eric posted an image with his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. 

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He captioned the picture, “Happy Valentine’s Day, bb.” But he didn’t mention the person in the picture. Eric had three more relationships in the past, and they all were with regular women. 


Eric Andre made us laugh with his humorous jokes. He built a great fan base for himself through his funny acts.

As a comedian, he had to do girly things and talk like a woman in different shows, which created doubts about his sexuality in his followers’ minds. But now you know that he is straight and has been in many relationships.

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