Is Blippi Gay? A Close Look at The YouTube Star’s Sexuality?

Stevin John is popularly known as Blippi. He is a YouTuber from America and a TV producer. He uploads entertaining videos for children on his YouTube channel. He created the channel in 2014 and has been actively posting videos that children enjoy since then. 

People have doubts about our loving youTube star Blippi's sexuality. They think he could be gay.
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He is a great multitasker because he makes videos regularly and works as an educator on Amazon Video and Hulu.

This talented guy was born on 27th May 1988 in Washington. Stevin is a funny and knowledgeable guy, yet he is rumored to be gay. 

This article will find why it is asked, “is Blippi gay? What’s the YouTube star’s sexuality?” While being engaged to Alyssa Ingham, his fiance. So, let’s jump right into the truth. 

“Blippi is Gay” Rumors

Many news reporters made fake news about the sexuality of Blippi. They reported Stevin John is gay but couldn’t show any proof. Yet some believe in such made-up stories because of how those reporters make the news look true. 

Such news is nothing but total nonsense. Blippi appeared in some of his videos where he acted as gay. He made a video where he visited the jumping PlayStation.

In that video, he said, “Hey! It’s me, Blippi, and today I am at the jumping playstation, and this is going to be gay.” 

He even said some awful things, which were added to the false news with some spices to make people believe he is actually gay when he is not. Blippi was kidding around in those videos to make things a little funny for toddlers. 

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He becomes silly in the YouTube videos to do little fun, but he is like other usual men in real life. He does his job perfectly and keeps a balance in his relationship with Alyssa. We’ll discover his love life more to understand Blippi’s sexuality better. 

Blippi and Alyssa’s Relationship

Blippi and Alyssa were in a long-term relationship, and in 2015 the duo got engaged. The couple went for their honeymoon in Malibu, California. The YouTuber posted pictures of their lovely moments on Instagram.

Alyssa also posts their photos. They are a happy couple and welcomed their first child Lochlan on 9th March 2022. The couple posted photos of their baby where they were holding their son and giving bright smiles. 


Blippi had affairs in the past as well. However, those are confidential information. His only dating history you can find on the internet is with Alyssa Ingham.

There is no denial Blippi is straight after knowing he owns a cute family containing his wife Alyssa and son Lochlan.

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