Is David Dobrik Gay or Bisexual? What’s His Sexual Orientation?

Let's see whether David Dobrik is gay, bisexual, or straight.
David Dobrik by America’s Most Musical Family Licensed under CC BY 3.0

David Dobrik is a favorite YouTuber of over 18 million people who love to know about traveling and more. He goes to different places and makes various vlogging clips with a group of his friends.

He is highly respected, but an unexpected rumor about his low-profile relationship history has spread about his sexuality. 

There have been questions like, “Is David Dobrik gay, straight or bisexual? What’s his sexuality?” Twitter posts have also been circulating where people claim he is bicurious. 

This article will determine whether the people’s claims are valid or whether the YouTuber is straight. So not wasting further moments, let’s get into the matters real quick. 

David Talked About The Rumors About His Sexuality

We can’t imagine celebrity lives without dates. But we have to imagine David Dobrik’s. This YouTube star has been single for a long time. Although there were rumors that he had at least three affairs, the excellent vlogger denied the claims. 

Besides, these are the comments of his followers and the media. The celebrities whose names involved him have also kept their mouths sealed. Therefore, some thought he was gay. He is into guys, so Dobrik doesn’t like dating women. 

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Some of his Instagram photos, however, tell us a different story. He is seen with pretty women hugging them and taking close photos, which clearly indicates the high-energy vlogger is heterosexual.

Hence, later the rumors changed to “David Dobrik is bicurious,” and there were queries such as Is David Dobrik gay, straight, or bisexual? This rumor was spreading fast and slowly ruining his reputation. 

Finally, the 18 million subscribers holder YouTuber opened his mouth and responded to the bicurious rumors.

He explained things in a podcast, saying,

“Yeah, people think I am bicurious, it was so funny. There was this whole Twitter chain going on, and everyone was like, ‘This mother****er rejected, this mother****er rejected Madison Beer, and someone responded like, I think he is bicurious,’ and then the person responded like, ‘No, at this point he is just by himself.'” [Source: YouTube ]

He found all these circulating rumors hilarious and clarified while laughing that he was not bisexual. He later said that he doesn’t think himself a bicurious or bisexual.

David said, “I think I said something that it sounds like, and I don’t wanna be like, ‘I am not bicurious!’ because I don’t really care, but no, I don’t think I am.”

Since he clearly mentioned that he doesn’t think he is bisexual, there shouldn’t be more judgments about his sexual orientation.

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Also, it is unknown whether the star is dating someone or not because he is secretive enough when it comes to personal information. So, there is no denying that “David Dobrik’s sexuality is straight.” 


David is about to become 26 on the upcoming 23rd of July. He is old enough to explore and understand his sexuality.

While rumors for long have tried to present him as gay to his beloved supporters, he responded to the rumors well in a podcast. The humourous and talented YouTuber has told his audience he is straight.

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