Are the Property Brothers Gay? Their Sexuality Revealed

There are various questions fans have regarding their favorite stars. But most questions are about their private life, personal relationships, sexuality, etc. 

Let's see whether the Property Brothers are gay or straight.
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The Property Brothers fans also have hundreds of questions about them, but the common question is if the property brothers are gay. 

This article will discuss their sexuality by analyzing their love life. So let’s keep reading to find out if they are straight or queer. 

Property Brothers Sparked Gay Rumors After Doing Some Girl-like Funny Activities

Property Brothers are outstanding when it comes to doing their job and making people laugh. One can never get bored listening to them because they talk. Sometimes the twin brothers do little girly activities. 

This led their haters to believe they were homosexual in a famous Q&A video where the brothers were reading thirst comments. In that YouTube video, they waved hands like females, along with girly expressions. 

However, a specific YouTube upload also gives a clear hint that both Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott are Straight. Because they only replied to women who wanted to have s*x with them and skipped gay men’s comments. 

They read a Twitter post by Sabrina: “I wanna marry one of the property brothers or both of them if they’d be into that.” Drew replied, “That is actually the biggest tweet Jonathan probably gets is, ‘Will you marry me? or Drew, I’ll take either, whichever one works.” Jonathan replied, “I’m fine.” 

But when the twins read a guy’s tweet named James Schwartzman, written, “Every time I watch Property Brothers I get a b*ner. So I don’t watch Property Brothers anymore. #HGTV” they were shocked and didn’t answer the tweet. 

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They only laughed, showing how embarrassed they felt reading that out.” Besides, Jonathan had a wife and is currently in a relationship, and Drew is married. Let’s take a look at their romance to understand their sexuality better. 

Jonathan Scott Was Married Once and Is Now Dating Actress Zooey Deschanel

Taking a deep look at Jonathan Scott’s life, we can confidently say he is straight. The actor was romantically linked to many women before and after marriage. 

He was married to his only ex Kelsy Ully in 2007. The couple then split in 2013. They don’t share a child. 

After his divorce, the actor remained single for two years. In 2015 he met with Jacinta Kuznetsov, and the couple got along well. 

They often posted a couple of photos. Their followers even dreamt of them getting married. However, Jacinta and Jonathan felt they were not suitable for one another and mutually broke up in April 2018. 

The following year in 2019, the construction contractor and the American actress Zooey Deschanel met during Carpool Karaoke Filming. Their relationship was a surprise to the fans. 

Several pictures of the couple’s romantic moments are shared on Jonathan Scott’s Instagram account. They are still dating in 2022. 

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Drew Scott is Happily Married To his Wife, Linda Phan 

Although Drew Scott took longer to get married, he is pleased with his wife Linda and ensures not to make her mad. It’s a love marriage, and they got married in 2018. 

Recently in May 2022, the sweet couple welcomed their first baby and named him Parker James Scott. He often shares his toddler’s pictures on his Instagram account. 

Both brothers are romantically involved with famous female personalities. So it’s funny to think them gay. Both of the Property Brothers are super straight. 

Final Words

Property Brothers have helped many home buyers renovate houses within their budget and preferences. Their way of explaining things and using technical expertise is excellent. 

Generally, construction constructors don’t become famous, but Property Brothers have gained fame and worldwide fans. Their sexuality is an incredible interest to their fans. After digging into their life well, we’ve learned the twins are heterosexual.

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