Is Amouranth Gay? What’s Amouranth’s Sexual Orientation?

Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa is popularly known as Amouranth. She is a glamour model, Twitch streamer, and YouTuber. She is also a cosplayer.

Amouranth talks about her sexuality. Let's see whether she is gay or straight.
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Her career started in 2010 as a costume designer when she took theatrical and fashion costume design at the college she used to study. Her professor recommended her to the Houston Ballet and Houston Grand Opera. 

In 2015 she took her career to another level by deciding to create a company to provide children with entertainment. She became a Twitch streamer in 2016 after getting an offer from the platform.

She used to make live streams where she was seen making costumes. Soon, she gathered many fans and gradually brought changes to her content. 

She later made ASMR, hot tub, and dancing streaming. Siragusa has over 5 million flowers on her Twitch account. Siragusa earns most from her account on “Only Fans,” where she posts content and gains a large number of subscriptions. She gets over 1 million dollars each month. 

She has many die-hard fans who support her all the way. These fans are too interested in Amouranth’s sexuality. Her fans often ask Google, if Amouranth is gay. What’s Amouranth’s actual sexuality? We’ll get you informed soon, so keep reading. 

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Is Amouranth Gay?

So, is Amouranth gay? No, Amouranth is not gay. She often involves herself in physical relationships with men. But she never introduced anyone as her boyfriend till now. Amouranth is always secretive about her affairs.

Hence, no one knows who she dates. Although there are videos of Amouranth having physical intimacy with various guys, she never appeared in her video with any of them. 

It seems like she took the physical relationship as another way of earning money. Recently she almost surprised her fans on Twitter.

On 18th March 2022, she posted her picture, captioning she was about to reveal who her boyfriend was. She made people excited to see the man she was in love with. 

Later, her followers found out she was kidding. It was not a human being but a dummy she found in Los Angeles.

Keeping her love life private, some people think she is gay while she is not since she is seen in many videos where she has se* with different men. Amouranth’s sexuality is straight. 


Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa, aka Amouranth’s sexual orientation, is misunderstood by many because she is not into any relationship. 

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However, many don’t know that she keeps herself satisfied by participating in sexual relationships with several men. She might be in a relationship too in private, which is yet to come in the news.

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