Is Rick Steves Gay Or Bisexual? A Close Look At His Sexuality

A Complete sexuality detail of Rick Steves. Is Rick Steves gay or Bisexual?
Rick Steves by Robert Scoble licensed under CC BY 2.0

Rick Steves is an American writer who writes travel-related books. His books include travel guides, and he also appears on TV and radio. Rick graduated from the University of Washington and achieved degrees in European History and Business Administration. 

According to Steves, he actually started learning things in Europe when he lived there for 120 days. Those days of learning things practically helped him shape his thinking. Both his written books and travel series are most popular in the United States. 

Rick is one of those celebrities who doesn’t like to highlight their personal life. Yet a true fan is always searching for information about their favorite celebrity. 

Hence, we are here to reveal secrets about Rick Steves that you want to know about his sexual orientation. Let’s take a close look at his sexuality and see if Rick is gay, bisexual, or straight. We will discover it together. So, let’s get down to the business. 

Is Rick Steves Gay?

Rick Steves seems to avoid mixing his professional life with his personal life. This is the only reason why he never spoke about his sexuality.

He likes to focus on his career and does his best to share the various experiences he gained by traveling. He gets and provides those informative speeches to his followers. He shares his learnings through quotes. 

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Here is a quote by Rick Steves,

“A man in Afghanistan once told me that a third of this planet eats with spoons and forks, and a third of the planet eats with chopsticks, and a third eats with their fingers. And they’re all just as civilized as one another.”

When Steves was married to his ex-wife Anne, no one questioned his sexual orientation, but after they separated, he has been living alone ever since. He used to love and respect his wife much. 

He once said about Anne, “I have an amazing wife who knows my love of travel and encourages it, and this brings me peace while I am working on tour. She takes care of the kids and household and works a full-time job while I’m away.” [source: IMDb]

This made several of Steve’s supporters doubt his sexuality. The couple was married for around 2 decades, and they have become parents of two children who are now grown-ups. 

If you can realize how serious he is about his career, you will understand why he didn’t involve himself with someone else till now. 

Sadly, his decision to live alone led many people to think he was gay or bisexual. Rick Steves doesn’t care about such gossip, so he didn’t respond to the rumors either way. 

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Rick Steves’s Sexuality is Explained Through His Dating Life 

Is Rick Steves gay, straight or bisexual? The answers are hidden in his dating history. Sexuality is sometimes explored lately, but no one at his 57 won’t newly explore his sexual orientation. Steves came into the world in 1955. He is currently 57 years old and is divorced. 

Steves was married to his girlfriend Anne, but unfortunately, they ended things in 2019. If he were gay or bisexual, he wouldn’t have a relationship with one lady only. We have dug into his dating life but found Anne only. Right now, he is single and is reported to have no affair.

Rick kept it hidden why the couple split. According to most news, he is not seen in close relationships with women or men.

However, some reporters claim Shelley Brian Wee is his girlfriend since they have been traveling together lately. But Steves didn’t officially announce he is in any relationship. 


Rick’s dating history is a great example that explains he is not gay. He is a straight guy focused more on his career than on having a new relationship.

Sexuality is a sensitive matter, and so before believing what you hear about someone’s sexuality, make sure you are getting the news from a trustworthy source like us.

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