Is Chris Tyson Gay Or Bi? Let’s Understand His Sexuality

What happened to Chris Tyson? His Instagram fans have been asking the YouTube content creator about his recent change after April 2022. It was a known truth that Chris was bisexual in 2020. 

All you need to know about Chris Tyson's sexuality details.
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But the following year, in 2021, he hinted to us that he is gay. Unfortunately, no one understood until people noticed that his wife, Katie, is no longer seen in his Instagram photos. 

So is Chris Tyson gay or bisexual? Today we will remove all your confusion regarding his sexuality. So, without further ado, let’s start reading the article. 

Chris Tyson Came Out As Bisexual

Something has happened to Chris Tyson, and most fans are still disappointed. He made some sudden changes and didn’t even discuss this with fans. Before, he looked utterly straight. However, he shockingly came out as bisexual. 

In 2020 while having Katie as his wife, he announced that he explored himself as bisexual. Mr. Beast’s new crew member Karl Jacobs showed support, and according to fans, Karl Jacobs influenced Chris to the degree that he entirely changed. 

This change sadly led to Katie and Tyson’s divorce. Although it’s yet to be confirmed by the couple, fans and media experts believe that the couple has already split. It’s because he no longer shares pictures with Katie but with only his son Tucker Tyson. 

Now he may have come out as gay because if she were bisexual, he wouldn’t have left Katie and gotten a more feminine arrival. 

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Chris Tyson Hinted that He is Now Gay

Although in 2020, he came out as bi, it seems his accurate sexual label is gay. On 28th March 2021, he replied to gay singer Lil Nas X’s post relating to homosexuality, which indicated that Chris Tyson is also gay. 

Chris Tyson Tweet about his sexuality.

He wrote, “I remember sitting in sermons hearing homosexuality is an abomination and hating myself for so many years silently because of it. Being who you were born to be isn’t a sin, and if that makes you mad, remember: “Only He without sin can cast the first stone,” so pls be quiet 😊”

Since he spoke of hatred towards homosexuality and added that he felt that hatred and hated himself for years, this tells that he knew he was gay, even before coming out as bi. 

Final Words 

On 12th April 2022, Chris Tyson shocked thousands of fans through his sudden change in appearance. He looked more feminine than masculine. 

Although from 2020, many knew that Chris came out bi. But now it’s clear that he is gay. He even got split from his wife, Katie. This may make you feel bad, but we must accept the truth.

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