Is Donald Glover Gay? What Did He Say About His Sexuality?

Comedian and actor Donald Glover is rarely seen in cameras unless a movie promotion is needed. He has always been so private and avoided speaking about his sexual label. 

Is Donald Glover gay or straight? Let's know the truth about his sexuality.
Donald Glover by Peter Kudlacz licensed under CC BY 2.0

Does this mean he could be a closeted gay? Is Donald Glover gay? Although he doesn’t share much about his sexual orientation, we learned about his life partner and more that led us to believe Donald Glover isn’t gay. Here’s all you need to know. 

Why Is Donald Glover So Private? Is He Gay? 

We often forget that it’s not only ordinary people but also celebrities who have a personal life. Only some people like to share everything they do with the public. Donald Glover is one such star. He is very strict about his issues. 

According to trusted sources, ‘The Martian’ actor doesn’t even like to give interviews. He only shared necessary information, like who his girlfriend is and who his children are. Glover neither recognized himself as gay nor bi. 

For keeping himself away from social media and hiding most of his personal affairs, several people doubt him as gay.

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But when we look at his lifestyle and know about kids and his partner, there’s no way to think of him as something other than straight.

Who is Michelle White? Donald Glover’s Partner and Children

Like a straight man, The Lazarus Effect actor is romantically linked with a lady. His pretty girlfriend is Michelle White. They have been a pair since 2015. Together they became parents of three children. 

Their first baby was born in 2016. Their second child was born in 2018 and welcomed their last child in 2020. There needs to be more information about his wife and kids. 

According to some sources, Donald’s first child’s name is Legend. The second baby was given the name Drake, and their third baby is Donald III. Michelle also avoids using social media. 

Final Words

Donald Glover prefers to stay away from all social media platforms. He thinks it hinders him from living a human life. This is the reason for his being too private. It doesn’t prove him gay.

His happy love with his girlfriend Michelle White and three kids tell us that the comedian and actor is straight. It’s unknown whether the duo will get married shortly, but their love will last longer than most celebrity couples. 

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