Did Chris Colfer Come Out as Gay? Does He Have a Boyfriend?

Chris Colfer last made headlines in 2019 with his book ‘A Tale of Magic.’ Usually, authors don’t become that famous these days, but he has because of his handsomeness. 

Chris Colfer with his gay dating partner Will Sherrod.
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Female fans have gone crazy for him, and if you’re one such fan and you’re straight, there’s sad news for you. Chris Colfer is not heterosexual. Want to know his real sexual orientation? 

Here you will learn about his sexuality and more about his coming out. We have also discussed his love life. So, let’s discover who Chris Colfer is dating and if he is married to his current partner. 

Chris Colfer Came Out as Homosexual When He Was Only 19 

Chris Colfer played the Kurt Hummel character in ‘Glee.’ The role he played with perfection was also a gay function. This homosexual character was a young fashionista, and his story was about coming out to his father and school buddies. 

No one would have thought that all that time, it was a gay person who was playing the good fiction for him. Chris surprised people by declaring his sexual label as gay in December 2009. Chelsea Handler interviewed him on his coming out. 

The host said, “Your character on the show’s gay. We know that you’re gay. That’s good for you. Congratulations. Don’t be shy about that. Seriously. You shouldn’t be shy about that because everytime…an actor like you is helping a zillion other people that are scared to talk about their sexuality, so good for you.” 

Chris Colfer responded, “Thank you. You know what my answer to that question was prior to coming out was that I was straight as every other actor in Hollywood.” It’s now open news that Chris Colfer is gay. He is also in a relationship with another man for many-sided years. Let’s discover their relationship next. 

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Chris Colfer and Producer Will Sherrod Have Been In a Relationship Since 2013 

After Chris Informed the world about his sexual label, the actor stayed single for 4 long years. But in 2013, he again surprised his supporters by announcing being in a relationship with Will Sherrod, a well-known producer. 

Their relationship is going on smoothly. Colfer didn’t share how the duo met and fell in love. But he made it official the year he started the relationship. It’s assumed that the couple lives together, but neither of the stars has confirmed it. 

Final Words

Chris Colfer was once prominent as an actor but is now more popular as an author. He looks young and handsome; hence he has many fangirls. 

So his sexuality is a big matter to all those women who have a crush on Colfer. Unfortunately, if you thought him to be straight, then you were wrong. 

Chris Colfer is in a strong relationship with a great male producer named Will Sherrod. It’s because he is openly gay. They have been dating since 2013 but aren’t married. 

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