Was Dean Martin Gay? A Close Look At His Sexuality

Dean Martin was of Italian descent but was an American comedian, actor, and singer. In the middle of the twentieth century, he entertained people with his magical voice and acting, and so he got the nickname “The King of Cool.”

What was Dean Martin's sexuality?
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Dean Martin has gained more popularity after teaming up with Jerry Lewis. His fame created interest in his personal and sexual life in many fans, including the media.

So people from then to now want to know “was Dean Martin gay? A close look at his sexuality.” He was a straight guy, and he proved it with his actions. Let’s know about this matter in detail.

Was Dean Martin Gay?

Well, Martin was a straight guy, and we can say this is knowing that he had three wives and seven children. If he were a homosexual, he wouldn’t have married women. So the question is, why would the fans have doubt about Dean Martin’s sexuality?

Maybe it’s his haters who have spread the rumor that he was a homosexual, or maybe out of curiosity, people who love him wanted to know if he was gay or straight. In his whole career and personal life, Martin has never done or said anything awkward that can prove he had an interest in men or women and men both.

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Dean Martin Wives

If you know the definition of a person being gay, after knowing Martin married three women, you too will understand his sexual orientation. His first wife was Elizabeth Anne. They got married in 1941. They became parents of four children. Unfortunately, they separated in 1949, but the Dean was lucky enough to get his children’s custody.

After their divorce, Martin chose to marry Dorothy Jean. They had their relationship 24 years long (till 1973) and became parents of three children.

After he and Dorothy separated, Dean wed for the last time to Catherine Hawn. But this marriage also lasted three years only. With Sasha, Martin didn’t get a child biologically. However, he adopted her daughter. [ Wikipedia ]

We went deeper into his relationship life but found him engaged with people of his opposite gender. It proves that he was a pure straight man.


Dean Martin was successful in his career and his personal life. He was lucky enough to have seven children. He was a super cool entertainment and a man of personality.

If you know someone who has wrong information about Dean Martin’s sexual orientation, you should share the truth with them.

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