Is Andrew Garfield Gay, Bi, Straight? What He Said About His Sexuality?

Regarding actors with mysterious sexuality, Andrew Garfield is one of the artists that come to mind. While there are speculations on every celebrity’s sexual orientation, we can often assume the label of their sexuality. But Andrew, in this case, is pretty much different. 

Andrew Garfield's sexuality is doubtful for many reasons. He was previously dating Emma Stone.
Andrew Garfield by Eva Rinaldi licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

He doesn’t do gay-type activities but gave several statements that can confuse you completely and make you feel like he might be a hidden gay.

But what is the truth anyway? Today we will share the truth about whether Andrews Garfield is gay, bi, or straight and what he says about his sexuality

Andrew Garfield Says His Sexuality is More Fluid: It Seems He is Bisexual 

Although it seems like Garfield is straight, he may actually be something else. Unlike most other celebrities, Andrew has always been open about his sexuality.

He never kept quiet when asked questions regarding his sexual interests and never avoided such queries. If we closely look at what he said in different interviews, we might be able to assume whether he is queer. 

In one interview, he was asked what he thinks about what people identify him as. The actor replied, “If I were to identify, I would identify as heterosexual.” In the interview with Out, he stated, “My stance toward life, though, is that I always try to surrender to the mystery of not being in charge; I have an openness to any impulses that may arise within me at any time.” 

This statement indirectly tells us that Andrew Garfield’s sexuality is not at least straight. He can be gay or bisexual. We can see him kissing ladies in movies, including Under the Banner of Heaven but also kissing Stephen Colbert.

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In 2017 he was asked about his sexuality in a Q&A panel and answered, “I am a gay man right now, pretty much, just without the physical act.” 

After he made this statement, many supporters criticized him, but it seemed like the actor didn’t care to share the truth. As he said, he is a pretty much gay man but not completely; he might be bisexual then. Although we can’t say anything without his confirmation, we can at least be sure he is not heterosexual. 

Andrew Garfield Also Was in Relationships With High Profile Women

As per the media reports, the Mainstream actor was romantically involved with many well-known female celebrities. But he always denied being in relationships. Also in one interview, he admitted that he likes to keep his private life secretive. 

He was reportedly seen with ladies including Rita Ora, Shannon Woodward, Aisling Bea, Emma Stone, Alyssa Miller, and  Susie Abromeit. His Highlighted yet secret relationship was with Alyssa Miller. They were often spotted at different places walking and enjoying moments.

Sadly in April 2022, the couple announced their break up. They said both were having different work schedules and so couldn’t manage enough time. They mutually decided to split. 

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Final Words

The fans criticized Garfield for giving different information about his sexual label. While he dated women, the actor claimed to himself a gay who did not act like a homosexual. 

We can’t assume he is gay or bisexual, depending on weak statements. To be certain about his sexual orientation, we need to wait till he declares himself as gay, bi, or straight. Until then, let’s assume our favorite actor’s sexuality is heterosexual. 


Is Emma Stone married to Andrew Garfield? 

The love story of Emma and Andrew is not unpopular. Because the couple was in a public relationship for over four years, since they dated so long, fans who didn’t find trustworthy sources to know further about their relationship thought the duo might have gotten married. However, it’s a misconception. They were just couples and split as normal couples do. 

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