Is Cameron Monaghan Gay, Bi, or Straight? His Sexuality and Dating? 

An actor is often called gay, bi, or straight depending on his roles in movies, series, or shows. Although it’s pretty unfair, we can’t deny that sometimes the audience’s speculations are right.

Also, there is no issue assuming someone’s sexual orientation depending on what the speculators have speculated. 

Cameron Monaghan explaining his gay role  in Gallavich.
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Is Cameron Monaghan gay, bi, or straight? Some fans stated they think he might be gay, and others think he is straight. But we should know the truth from the actor himself. Let’s find out his actual sexuality by checking his statements in interviews. 

Why Has Cameron Monaghan Played Gay and Female Roles

Some actors are too good at playing any roles they are given. Whether it’s a boy or girl character, they will consume that character to bring naturalism. Cameron is one such versatile actor.

While he was pretty young to play diverse characters on big screens, the young man actually did an excellent job in delivering more than his supporters expected. 

Monaghan acted as a straight boy, gay boy, and girl. He played each role as if that person did exist. Since the viewers grasped that he could do gay-ish parts really well, the speculations on his sexuality began, especially when his followers found him with zero embarrassment when speaking about his characters. 

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In 2011 before Shameless premiered, he was interviewed by Vanity Fair and asked different questions, like having s*x with a married boss in the series. 

He responded saying, “Well, not giving too much away, there’s definitely going to be some competition for Kash [the married, boss] as the story goes on, there’s going to be some struggle between Ian and Kash, and there’s going to be some relationship interest for Ian—maybe male, maybe female.”

The host immediately asked again, “Maybe male, maybe female?” The actor replied, “Maybe both, who knows! No, I am just kidding. No hermaphrodites. Yet.” He was also asked whether he was the McLovin-like dude or the blonde girl in the Disney’s Prom movie. He said, “Yeah. That was me. I was the blonde girl.” 

These interviews intensified the gay rumors. Also, the actor was asked about his sexual orientation in various interviews. Sadly, he didn’t mention himself as gay, bisexual or straight.

He also may have requested reporters to not ask him queries regarding his sexual interests. That is why we couldn’t find Monaghan’s confirmation about being gay or bisexual.

But ladies, wait! He is probably not gay. Cameron Monaghan’s sexuality could be straight because if we closely see which people he dated, we will only find girls.

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Cameron Monaghan Girlfriends

There’s a huge list of women who fell for Monaghan and were lucky to date him. Let’s talk about the girl he is currently dating. In 2022 Cameron Monaghan is dating Lauren Searle, a model. They made their relationship public in 2020 by posting their hiking pictures. 

Peyton List is Gotham’s actor’s ex-girlfriend. They dated for two years from 2017 to 2019.

The versatile artist also dated ladies for a year only. In 2016 he met Ruby Modine, and they began to date. Unfortunately, the duo couldn’t make it long. They split the same year. 

His last public relationship that we know about from a trusted source is with Sadie Newman. In 2014 he was captured several times with Sadie. They went public in 2015. But the couple broke up and couldn’t even make their affair go on for a year. 

Final Words 

Cameron is a good-looking guy. He has more female fans than males. The straight ladies were worried about his sexual label.

We often see them searching for answers regarding his sexual rumors. Ladies! You can now have a crush on him because your dream star is also straight.

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Did Cameron Monaghan date Noel Fisher? 

The camera played the role of a homosexual person. Hence it’s natural he would fall for men in the show. Fisher and Monaghan had a bromance that sparked gay rumors for both actors; however, they never dated each other in real life. 

Did the cast members of Shameless get along?

The cast members of the series Shameless are close friends. They often enjoy time together outside the set. Also, they post pictures on social media platforms of themselves spending time and making memorable moments. 

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