Is Jordan Fisher Gay? His Sexuality and Relationship Timeline

Let's see Jordan Fisher's, wife and kid. Is Jordan Fisher gay?
Jordan Fisher by Walt Disney Television licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Jordan Fisher has gone through many controversies. He was claimed to be a lesbian before by some news portals. Also, some of his behaviors and activities create questions in his fans’ minds, about Jordan Fisher’s sexuality. And they want to know whether he’s gay or straight.

Today we will come up with the truth about the actor’s sexuality. It will not be a huge work since his relationships were always public. Another big reason people think him gay is that he didn’t reveal who his parents are. 

So, let’s not wait further because we’re are about to learn Jordan Fisher’s sexual orientation and who he has dated, dating. 

Is Jordan Fisher Gay?

Before we jump straight into his sexual life, let’s learn something necessary about the actor’s earlier life. Fisher had a rough childhood. Both of his parents were not mentally stable, so his grandparents adopted him and raised him. 

Although he was raised without his parents’ care, he never had mental or sexual issues. As for the sexuality of Jordan, he never speaks about it directly with the media or the public. Maybe he thinks his past relationships are enough to prove that Jordan Fisher’s sexuality is straight. 

So, why still some fans are asking, is Jordan Fisher gay, or bisexual? Actually, there were no strong reports or proof that he is gay, but yes, some Jordan haters tried their best to represent him as a lesbian on social media by talking about his styles. 

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Jordan has a girly face. His pumped-up lips, nose pin, and earrings are the main reasons why he was accused of being lesbian. But no, he is a guy and is straight. His dating history will clear things up. So let’s jump into his past relationships because Fisher is currently single. 

Jordan Fisher’s Past Relationships

Jordan had a long relationship with Audrey Chase, who is a model. But they kept hidden how long they were in a relationship. It is also unknown when they broke up. 

In 2016, Fisher involved himself with Coley Lamb. Coley is a musician. He posted pictures with her on Instagram, but sadly, they couldn’t stay in the relationship for long. That year, they ended everything, and later Jordan removed all the posts about Coley.

Finally, in 2017 he met actress Ellie Woods. The couple got introduced in London. After continuing the affair for 3 years, the couple decided to marry in November 2020.

Still, the duo has a lovely, romantic life. In December 2021, they gave the media good news: they are expecting a baby.

And finally, they welcomed their baby on June 7, 2022. Fisher lives life like a normal straight person with a wife and a kid. Still, if someone tries to prove him gay, it would be total nonsense and hilarious. 

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Jordan Fisher is a young singer and actor from America born in 1994. His career began acting in series. The first series he worked for was ‘The Secret Life of American Teenager’ in 2012. 

Earlier, he used to look a little like women, for which he was called gay and bisexual. The actor and singer were strong enough to avoid those critics. 

Instead of talking about his sexuality, he married the love of his life, Ellie Woods, and is about to become the biological father of her baby. It completely removed all doubts about his sexual orientation from the hearts of his fans.

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