Is Catherine Bell Lesbian? Is She Still Dating Brooke Daniels?

Catherine Bell is one of the few actresses in America who has a pretty face like the Hollywood stars. She achieved fame in 2008 by playing a role in ‘The Good Witch.’ The series aired on the Hallmark channel. 

Many people give Catherine Bell a gay tag. Let's see whether she's gay or not. And Who's her dating partner?
Catherine Bell by Wanderlustbird licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

She is a Roman Catholic and is British by birth. But what is more interesting is that Catherine’s mother is an Iranian and her father is Scottish. Catherine gained worldwide popularity through her skilled acting and captivating smile. 

Before 2011 no one doubted her sexuality, but that year, shocking news spread that uncovered her real sexual orientation. That will reveal, whether Catherine Bell is lesbian or bisexual.

Her sexual orientation and present relationship timeline. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the story that will tell us about her sexual interests. 

What is Catherine Bell’s Sexuality?

Catherine was married once, and she gave birth to a daughter and a son. She has been single since she got divorced from her ex-husband Adam Beason.

Bell and Beason first met on the ‘Death Becomes Her’ film’s set. Isabella Rossellini was the heroine of that movie, for whom Bell acted as a nude body twice.

Adam and Catherine began to like each other, and soon it turned into a relationship. In 1994 the duo finally got married. They became parents twice. In 2003 they welcomed their daughter Gemma and in 2010, their son Ronan. 

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The couple lived in a luxurious Andrew beautiful mansion, but something went wrong with Catherine. So, they decided to end things between them and, in 2011, filed for a divorce which was completed in 2015. Till 2011 she was straight to everyone. 

Plot Twist About Catherine Bell’s Sexuality

So, we told you that she was considered straight before her divorce. But she told the media that she is lesbian and doesn’t want to stay in any heterosexual relationships. 

It was indeed pretty shocking. Her fans couldn’t believe the fact and opened Google searching, about her sexuality and dating life. After getting split from Adam, she began to have an affair with Brooke Daniels and started living together in Los Angeles.

Brooke is a scientist, event coordinator, and photographer. On Brooke’s website, she stated that Catherine is her husband and the children of Bell’s are her children. 

“I tell my kids and husband that I love them at least a dozen times every day.” 

Although some reports say they are no more in a relationship, such news is fake. The truth is over a decade; they have been living together. 

However, Brooke and Catherine didn’t get married. Maybe they think their bond is strong enough that it doesn’t need to get renamed to ‘married couples.’ 

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Both are taking care of the children, enjoying sweet moments together, and are trying their best to keep themselves from showing off together often. 


Catherine is one of those celebrities who explored their sexuality too lately. People struggled to believe that a woman who married for 17 years after a relationship and gave birth to two children could later come out as a lesbian. However, the fans feel it’s impossible to bring her back as straight.

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