Is Casey Frey Gay? Who’s Casey Frey’s Boyfriend in 2023?

Casey Frey with his gay boyfriend Joshua Elias.
Image source credit: Casey Frey Instagram

Casey Frey is a social media celebrity. Till 2020 his fans thought Frey was straight, but suddenly he came out as gay and shared that he was having a relationship with his first boyfriend. The source of his fame is ‘Vine.’ He quickly reached success, and to hold that right, he hid his sexuality. 

Generally, Casey doesn’t behave like a gay. He has been uploading funny and dancing videos, but no one could guess he would come out as a homosexual. His ‘GOMF’ video went viral in 2019, through which he achieved a huge fan base. 

Right now, the dancer has millions of supporters. Some female fans of Frey were trying to know what his sexuality was, and soon when they found out their crush had a crush on another guy, it broke their hearts. 

Today, we will discuss all these facts, including when he came out, who is Frey dating, how his relationship is going, and whether he’s gay, bi, or straight. So, hold your excitement, and let’s begin to know the truths about him. 

Is Casey Frey Gay? His Boyfriend in 2023

Casey is, of course, gay. He, by himself, revealed his sexuality. In June 2020, he first shared things about his relationship. He was invited to a podcast show named ‘Theo Von’s Podcast’ where the host asked Frey if he liked someone.

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Casey answered, “I’m in a relationship with a dude right now. I met him online. He’s a short teddy boy.” However, Casey didn’t mention if he is gay or bisexual. Then he added, “I like girls too though.”

This small line can also indicate that he is bisexual, but since he never had a girlfriend but is now dating a guy, we can pretty surely say Casey Frey is gay. Theo, the interviewer, expressed his shock and told Casey he couldn’t even think of dating a guy. 

Casey responded by saying, “I didn’t either until recently.” In the beginning, things weren’t like this; Casey and his boyfriend used to hang out as friends. Eventually, Frey realized he was falling for the guy. 

Before Casey shares his boyfriend’s name with fans, the followers have figured that out. His boyfriend’s name is Joshua Elias. Joshua’s page followers found a couple of photos on Joshua’s page. He was posting romantic pictures with Casey from 2020. 

One of his fans confirmed it by sharing the news on Twitter. That particular fan added a caption, “Casey Frey came out!!!! Sksjsjkshsgeheje I love him even more now,” and added the video of the podcast. Frey is one of the few celebrities who were continuously supported by his gay personality.

However, his female supporters are pretty upset since they used to dream of this vine king, and now it can never be possible again for his sexual orientation. 

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Casey Frey went popular quicker, and in the same way, he came out as gay faster. Generally, stars take time to share their true sexuality since gays and lesbians are not accepted in society. 

It is even prohibited to become one according to every religion. However, he seemed to have less patience when it came to sharing his homosexual identity.

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