Is Jaylan Mobley Gay? Truth About His Sexuality

Social media is full of speculations about this and that. But people mostly love speculating about celebrities’ love life and sexuality. Whether or not a star wants to speak of their sexual label, fans will assume something and spread that. 

What's Jaylan Mobley's sexuality? is he gay or straight?
Image source credit: Jaylan Mobley’s Instagram

This can make celebrities get annoyed with fans. Still, followers don’t stop giving their opinions. Is Jaylan Mobley gay?

This has become a question since Leah Messer supporters doubted Mobley to be gay. Here’s why the rumor was created and the truth behind all this.

Leah Messer Fans Think Jaylan Mobley is Gay 

The famous American personality Leah Messer and The U.S. army Jaylan Mobley were prominent. They were in a public affair. Both are mainly famous for their love life. 

But recently, when the news of their split spread Leah was invited for an interview. She said many things regarding her affair. 

She also said a few things that made fans feel like Jaylan Mobley is gay. Let’s analyze her interview and once again try to understand her discussion. In the beginning, she stated how a breaking up feels. 

Leah Messer said, “A breakup sucks. I’m hurt, I’m sad, but I’m also not going to fall victim to my circumstances. I’m gonna move forward, I’m going to go through the emotions; I’m going to get through it.” 

She added, “At the end of the day, we all have a story to tell, and as of now, it’s not time to tell our story.” Since Leah was trying not to open up about the reason for their split, Dr. Drew hinted that Jaylan cheated on her. 

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However, Leah remained tight-lipped and said Mobley should not give this answer. Leah Messer being too secretive made fans speculate that Jaylan Mobley could be gay. But neither Messer nor Mobley accepted the claims. 

Jaylan Mobley Didn’t Recognize Himself as Gay

Wait, guys! You can’t, without any proof, consider a person homosexual. Either the person has to come out of the closet or have a same-s*x affair. 

But if you check Mobley’s personal life, he has no statement that he is gay. Also, there’s no evidence of him dating another man. He only had women as his partner. 

Hence, Jaylan Mobley isn’t gay. He is straight because he doesn’t recognize himself as gay. 

Final Words

Jaylan Mobley is not gay. He is straight. People only misunderstood his sexuality. Leah Messer didn’t directly call Jaylan gay. 

There might be other reasons for their breakup, but without solid evidence, it’s disrespectful to consider Mobley’s sexuality gay.


When did Jaylan Mobley and Leah Messer start dating? 

Country girl Leah Messer and U.S. army cyber officer Jaylan Mobley’s relationship began in 2017. They were a couple for years and got attention on social media. 

Does Jaylan Mobley have a baby? 

No, Jaylan Mobley has no baby. He was in a long-term relationship with Leah Messer, but they, too, have no child together. 

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