Is Tyler James Williams Gay? Look at His Sexuality

Tyler James Williams fans are a little disappointed in him as he tries to hide his affair with his girlfriend, Anastasia. For years they met in public places and were captured by cameras. 

The truth behind Tyler James Williams' sexuality and gay rumors.
Image source credit: Tyler James Williams’ Instagram

But for some months, there’s been no update on their relationship. So did the couple break up? Even his sexuality is again the talk of the town. Is Tyler James Williams gay? Did he ever have a boyfriend? 

We checked his social media profiles and verified sources to enlighten you about his sexuality and current relationship status. So let’s get started with it. 

Tyler James Williams as Gay Black Man in Dear White People

Generally, black men are homophobic, and people don’t easily doubt a black person as gay. So then, why did Tyler James Williams’ sexuality become a question?

The reason is his gay role in the movie ‘Dear White People’. The film is filled with comedy, messages, and a story of how a gay black guy deals with life.

Tyler not only showed skills in acting but is also said to have put effort into expressing the character well to people. In an interview with HuffPost, he explained the character and his efforts. Tyler James Williams said,

“It’s one of the highlights of my career, honestly. I had this conversation with some friends recently about stereotypical characters. That would be portrayed depending on where we were in society. 

I felt like the new stereotypical character is a gay character where you can’t just have a regular everyday guy who just happens to be gay.”

This conversation tells us that Tyler played the gay role for it being different from himself and his other film roles where he is straight. 

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He also told the interviewer that when he got to know the character well, he felt to do things more right. Tyler James Williams said, “After I found that out, I just felt more of a responsibility to do that right.” We must understand that the “Let It Shine” actor didn’t say that he was gay, and so he portrayed the role. 

But he said that the gay role was different and something new hence he decided to play it. Williams had the chance to come out but didn’t because he was heterosexual. 

Tyler James Williams Affairs Hint Us to Him Being Straight 

We learned from some trusted sources that Tyler James Williams had girlfriends. This proves that he is not gay but straight. According to various valid sources, James had several relationships, but his last affair was pretty open. 

Although he didn’t directly call actress Anastasia Baranova his girlfriend, their frequent photo sharing, tagging, and getting captured by paparazzi cameras is enough to establish the news that they were a couple. Sources say Williams and Baranova began dating in 2017. 

But it’s unknown whether the couple is still together or broken up. They no longer post close pictures. Also, they no longer seem to be spending time on vacation.

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Most probably, they broke up. But Tyler James Williams’s name never got linked with a guy, so it’s clear that his sexuality is straight. 

Final Words

Tyler James Williams is an attractive actor. He gives his best performance in every movie he acts in. His performance in the movie ‘Dear White People’ was so good that the audience thought he could be gay in real life. 

But when Tyler James Williams talked about the role and film, it was clear that he had only acted, and that was not his true self. In reality, Tyler James Williams is not gay. If you hear his entire interview, you’ll properly understand. 

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