Yes, I am Gay: Said Thomas Sanders

Thomas Sanders is gay, but he doesn’t seem one, right? No pulpy lips, no wearing jewelry, and even no putting on makeup. 

What did Thomas Sanders say about his sexuality?
Image source credit: Thomas Sanders’ Instagram

So, no one would usually believe that Thomas Sanders is gay in the beginning. 

The funny vine maker has admitted this more than once publicly and on social media. Still, if you have doubts about his sexual label, here’s everything you should check. 

Thomas Sanders Came Out As Gay in the Middle of 2017 

Since 2013 Sanders’ fans have speculated Thomas Sanders is bisexual. It’s because he predominantly played bisexual characters, but he also played gay characters.

In 2013 ‘Sanders Shorts’ and in 2016, ‘Sanders Shorts: It’s Not That Complicated’, he mostly appeared as bisexual. 

But Thomas proved those fans wrong and came out as gay in the ‘Having Pride’ series in 2017. He also mentioned that while playing a bisexual character, his family members and friends already knew he was gay. In 2012 he first came out of the closet to them. 

Thomas Sanders Said, ‘ Yes, I am Gay’ 

Although Thomas Sanders came out as gay to the public and media in June 2017, some fans still were confused. Some couldn’t accept the news and still asked the actor if he was gay.

This is why Thomas Sanders once again clarified his sexuality. On 21st April, he wrote on Twitter angrily,

“Please don’t precede asking me “Are you gay?” With “No offense, but…” I take no offense in being asked if I’m gay. I take more offense in why you may think that’s an offense.”

He also replied to his Twitter, confirming that he is not straight. Thomas wrote, “Btw for the people still asking (I still get asked quite a bit), yes, I am gay and very proud of it.” So dear Thomas Sanders fans, there should no longer be doubts about his sexual orientation. 

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Final Words

Thomas Sanders is primarily famous for making vines. His funny attitude and content made thousands of people laugh. Through making funny content, he gained worldwide popularity. 

But the increased fame led him to come out of the closet in 2017. Since many people assumed his sexual label was wrong, Sanders confirmed that he was gay. 


Does Thomas Sanders have a boyfriend? 

Thomas Sanders is too private about his love life. He most probably doesn’t have a boyfriend. 

Where is Thomas Sanders now? 

Thomas Sanders didn’t leave the place where he was born. He is still living in his birthplace Gainesville, Florida. 

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