Letitia Wright’s Sexuality Is Straight, and Here’s Why

Letitia Wright’s performance in Black Panther brought her global popularity. But she came to the limelight back to back with controversies. First, she became a headline for a transphobic video. She then apologized twice for what she said. 

Is Letitia Wright' gay? Let's see, what's her sexuality?
Letitia Wright by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

But the last time when she was spotted getting cozy with Kehlani, it caused more controversy. The video made her fans question her sexual orientation. Let us show you the video and our analysis. Is Letitia Wright gay? No, guys, she is straight, and here’s why. 

Letitia Wright and Kehlani’s Viral Dancing Video Sparked Gay Rumors

On 6th December 2022, a video was spread on the internet where you can find actress Letitia Wright and singer Kehlani. They were getting super cozy while enjoying the music and dancing together. It made fans ship the duo. 

Some even claimed that the stars might be a couple in secret. It got millions of views, and once again, the question was raised, “is Letitia Wright gay?”

A famous page on Twitter named ‘Pop Crave’ shared the video and wrote, “Kehlani and Letitia Wright dancing together at a club last night.” 

If you’re also here to check if the public claims are valid, let us tell you that Letitia Wright isn’t gay. She can’t be gay because she is a firm believer in Christianity. 

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Letitia Wright Is Straight Because She’s Christian

The ‘Black Panther’ actress cannot be gay because she is a strong Christian. In Christianity, homosexuality is considered one of the biggest sins. If anyone strictly believes in the bible, they can’t support LGBTQ. 

According to Letitia, in her hard times and depression Christianity saved her. Her faith in God brought her the strength to fight for her success. In a lengthy testimony, she concluded that in hard times, Jesus was her last hope. 

Besides, the actress hasn’t come out as gay or labeled her sexual orientation as something other than straight. She was enjoying her moments with singer Kehlani. So there’s no longer any doubt that the ‘Death on the Nile’ actress is heterosexual. 

Final Words

As an actress, there will always be rumors about Letitia Wright. Sadly she can’t even enjoy time with ladies because people begin to claim she is gay for spending some good time with Kehlani. 

Their dancing in a club sparked relationship and gay rumors. But neither of the celebrities confirmed having an affair. Moreover, Wright’s faith in Christianity will never let her be gay. 


Does Letitia Wright have a husband? 

Actress Letitia is unmarried. She doesn’t have a husband. She doesn’t speak much about her plans regarding marriage, but she may tie the knot soon if she gets the right person. 

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Is Letitia Wright in a relationship? 

Letitia Wright is single. She doesn’t open up about dating. Once, her name got romantically linked with actor and his close friend John Boyega. But soon both the stars confirmed that they were not a couple but just very close friends. 

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