Is Karl Jacobs Gay? What’s His Sexual Orientation?

Karl Jacobs has made his sexuality pretty complicated to understand for his fans. Is he gay or straight, or asexual? Various websites are claiming his sexuality differently. 

Is Karl Jacobs gay or straight? let's see.
Image source credit: Karl Jacobs’s Instagram

But which one should you trust? We did a long research to understand the truth properly. We’ve analyzed some videos and pictures and discovered why he was considered gay. We also found him claiming to be straight. 

Here’s the complete analysis of Karl Jacobs’s sexuality with evidence. This is what we believe. So let’s get started with it. 

Karl Jacobs Did Multiple Gay Activities: So is He Gay? 

Since Chris Tyson from Mr Beast is changed, Karl Jacobs’s sexuality becomes a big question. Most Chris fans hate him because they think Karl has inspired Chris to get a ladylike appearance and even divorce her wife, Katie. 

Besides, he did several gay activities, which made some people actually believe that Karl Jacobs is gay but is hiding the fact. Here are some gay activities of Jacobs that made even us doubt him for once. 

Karl Jacobs Kissed Foolish Several Times

Karl Jacobs and Foolish have kissed each other. That video has raised questions about his sexual label and relationship. The footage includes two different times. 

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The first time they kissed while putting their hands on their mouths. The second time it seemed they kissed directly. Hence, many people consider Karl Jacobs gay. 

Karl Jacobs Saying ‘We Are the Gay Men’ 

There’s a video where they played Minecraft, and we also saw foolish. While playing Karl, all of a sudden said, “We’re the gay men, man.” 

Foolish laughed and said, yeah, we’re gaming. He tried to make things normal, but Karl and another player continued to say they told ‘gay men’. However, we later learned that they said that for fun purposes.

Karl Posting Gay Pictures

Yes, most of Karl Jacobs’ Instagram photos give gay vibes. There are several comments on those posts where people claim he is gay. But Karl never replies to anybody. 

On 24th July 2022, he uploaded a picture with his friend and captioned, “McChillin”, but that looked like they were romancing. Some fans commented and asked if they had kissed inside the couch. But there was no reply. 

In a Video, Karl Revealed Himself to be Straight

After so long, Karl finally thought to answer questions about his sexuality and dating. In a live video, he answered various questions where someone commented, “Are they dating?” 

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Karl Jacobs immediately replied, “No, we’re both straight. We’re both straight guys.” It’s true that he paints nails like ladies and does other silly stuff, making him appear more girly. 

But in reality, Karl Jacobs is straight and confirmed this in a live video. 

Final Words

Karl Jacobs has been getting hate from many of Chris Tyson’s fans for influencing him to come out as gay. However, there’s no strong evidence, but speculations say that. 

This is why he is also considered gay. He paints nails, mostly stays with boys, and does some gay stuff. But hey! all those activities are for making their video more funny and lucrative to the audience. 

Karl Jacobs has not confirmed his sexuality as homosexual, but he said his sexual label is straight. According to some sources, he is asexual, but not completely. Hence we can’t call him asexual. 

We believe he will gain physical attraction to a woman if he finds a miss perfect for her. So yes, there’s no doubt that Karl Jacobs is straight but is also a little asexual.

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