Is Jenna Ortega Gay or Bi? Addressing Her Sexuality

Is Jenna Ortega gay? This has become a burning question because various evidence on social media platforms portrayed her as gay. But we must not trust any post that we encounter. 

Everything about Jenna Ortega's sexuality and gay rumors.
Image source credit: Jenna Ortega’s Instagram

A video went viral in December 2022, which suggested that Jenna might be gay. Today we will show you that record and also tell you about her possible sexual label. So bear with us to the end to know. 

Does Wednesday and The Fallout Suggest Jenna Ortega as Gay? 

Rumors about actress Jenna Ortega’s sexuality are nothing new. People have speculated about her sexual orientation since the film The Fallout was released.

She played a character named Veda. The movie has an intimate scene where she ki*ses another lady, the costar named Maddie Ziegler. 

It was so real that people couldn’t help but think she could be gay. At one point, her fans forced her to come out by sharing pictures and videos where she was romantic with another girl.

Even Wednesday fans said that the scene of Jenna hu*ging Emma was realistic and that it gave gay vibes. So does this suggest what you guessed? Well, in movies, actresses and actors act.

Hence that doesn’t reflect their authentic self. Besides, Netflix has admitted that Wednesday is not a queer series. Therefore, neither Jenna nor Emma is gay in it. 

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Jenna Ortega is an Open LGBTQ Supporter: What Does That Mean? 

Here’s why Jenna’s fans get confused with her sexual orientation and her open support for the LGBT community. Ortega has advocated for the LGBT community since she was only 13. She is against discrimination. 

On 21st July 2020, Jenna Ortega tweeted from her official Twitter writing, “Lesbian rights ;)”, which got much public and media attention.

But her supporting LGBTQ publicly doesn’t prove her to be ‘not straight’ as heterosexual singers like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande also openly support this group. 

Jenna Ortega Called Gwendolyn Christie, Her Wife

By the end of 2022, a TikTok of Jenna Ortega went viral. She gay panicked in front of Gwendolyn Christie. When Gwendolyn gave the mic to Jenna, she said,

“Thank you very much, woman. My woman. I love you. Sorry, that might be disrespectful, but that is my nickname for her. Cause she’s my wife. Anyway, I’m sorry the yes sorry I look at you I get so, I’ve, my heart.”

Gwendolyn went red and flattered. That led in an instant that she had a gay hidden in her. 

We Have to Wait For Jenna Ortega’s Announcement 

Various videos and posts on social media suggest Jenna Ortega is gay. However, those records and images shown as evidence are from movies and series. 

Hence those are not worthy of trust. Until Jenna Ortega comes out to the media as gay, we must believe she is straight. So let’s wait for the news, but till then, know that Jenna Ortega isn’t what most think she is.

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Final Words

Jenna Ortega has made headlines once again after the TikTok trend “I’ll dance with my hands” flooded the internet.

Once again, fans began asking various questions about her, including whether she was gay. But no, folks, Jenna Ortega is straight.


Did Jenna Ortega ki*s in the film the fall out? 

Sexuality rumors about Jenna Ortega started long ago. But it fueled when she was found ki*sing another girl in one of her movies named, ‘The Fallout’. 

Is Jenna Ortega in a relationship? 

Jenna Ortega is too open about her opinions but isn’t complimentary about matters including romance and sexuality.

She has no interest in having an affair for now. Ortega is more focused on working and being single as of now. 

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