Is Taylor Swift Gay Bi or Queer? Addressing Her Sexuality

Taylor Swift’s sexuality is a significant matter to her fans. Since she is globally famous, straight people want her as straight, and gay wants her to be queer. Although she hasn’t come out yet, there are speculations about her sexual orientation. 

A close look at Taylor Swift's sexual orientation. Let's see whether she's gay, bi, queer, or straight.
Taylor Swift by Paolo Villanueva licensed under CC BY 2.0

It’s tricky for some to understand her label of sexuality, but it’s also simple to understand her sexual interests by seeing her private life. We think Swift keeps her life open enough to understand her well. 

So, what’s Taylor Swift’s sexuality? Let’s discover it and find out why she has been called queer for all these years. 

Taylor Swift’s Twitter Posts Supporting LGBTQ Fueled Her Gay and Bi Rumors

A straight person knows it’s awkward even to be friends with a homosexual person. Hence, most heterosexual people are against homosexuality. Also, a straight person thinks an LGBTQ supporter is a queer person. 

So any heterosexual star, no matter whether it’s Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande, is also doubted as gay or bi by their ‘Not Queer’ fans. For years “Bad Blood” singer has been going on and off in headlines as fans keep claiming her to be gay sometimes and bi the other times since we know she had several affairs with men. 

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When there’s a full stop on the discussion on her sexuality Swift does something that brings her back to the headline. In June 2021, Taylor again was headlined for fighting and raising her voice against discrimination that LGBTQ people face. 

She was criticized in February 2022 after posting a picture of “The Equality Act Pass.” On 26th February, she wrote on Twitter, “YES!!! Fingers crossed and praying that the Senate will see trans and LGBTQ rights as basic human rights. 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸” Swift’s heterosexual fans were pretty disappointed in her. 

She was immediately called gay and bisexual. Supporters even claimed she came out as gay in her “Midnights” album. The “Anti-Hero” singer didn’t respond to the recent rumors. 

On 1st June 2022, she again shook the social media posting an image where she thanked those who are LGBTQ allies and, in the end, said, ‘Happy Pride Month!’ She even joined GLAAD’s event.

But the truth is entirely different. Taylor Swift only supports the LGBT community and is not a part of it. She is neither gay nor bi. She has openly dated men only. 

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Taylor Swift Has Dated Many High Profile Men 

Here’s a chart of Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend from 2008 to 2022. 

BoyfriendBegan DatingBroke Up
Joe Jonas20082008
Lucas Till20092009
Taylor Lautner20092009
John Mayer20092009
Cory Monteith20102010
Jake Gyllenhaal20102011
Adam Young20112011
Chord Overstreet20112011
Eddie Redmayne20112012
Zac Efron20122012
Conor Kennedy20122012
Harry Styles20122013
Calvin Harris20152016
Tom Hiddleston20162016
Joe Alwyn 2017Present

Taylor Swift Is Publicly Dating Joe Alwyn Like a Straight Woman

The love life of Taylor and Joe is super public. They share their images often. There’s a specific page on Instagram where you can see their dating photos. Pictures are uploaded mentioning the official accounts of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn. 

The singer of “Love Story” seems very happy with her current partner. Some think they are secretly engaged. But neither Swift nor Alwyn responded to claims. 

In Taylor’s long career, we haven’t seen her date a female or get physically intimate, but we have seen her sexually interested in men. Hence, Taylor Swift isn’t gay or bisexual but straight. Besides, the star hasn’t come out publicly. So all these rumors are not believable in any way. 

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Final Words

Taylor Swift is known across the globe as a stunning singer. Her fans consider her to be one of the best female singers of the 21st century. A celebrity, however, is not always praised. They are also criticized. 

Taylor Swift endured many controversies, but she has been especially criticized for loving LGBTQ. She kept fighting for their rights, and as a result, people continued to misunderstand her sexuality. 

I Forgot That Your Existing singer is actually straight. Her relationship timeline is proof of that. Nowadays, many celebrities support the gay community, and Swift is just one of them.

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