Is Rihanna Gay or Bisexual? What is Rihanna’s Sexuality?

Rihanna is mainly a singer and she made a huge fan base through her singing in a very short period of time. She is also a successful business woman, an actress, and a fashion designer. In 1988, on February 20 she was born in Barbados’s Saint Michael. 

What's Rihanna's actual sexuality? Is Rihanna gay or bisexual?
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The way she started her journey was recording some demo tapes and an American producer named Evan Rogers first discovered her. 

The first time she got recognition was in 2005. Def Jam and Rihanna sang together. The song was a super hit, and after that, she never had to look back. No one can forget the mesmerizing voice of the “Umbrella” singer. 

Many want to know if Rihanna is gay or bisexual. after a Hollywood socialite claimed her as bisexual. In this article, we will know what is the singer’s actual sexual orientation. 

Is Rihanna a Gay or Bisexual? 

Thankfully, our favorite celebrity is neither gay nor bi. She is straight. We know you are happy to know this fact about her. But isn’t it sad that she is still rumored as bisexual by some people? 

Well, there is a writer named Tajah Burton, she is also a model. She wrote a book where she claimed that Rihanna and she were in a relationship.

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Before the book was published, the news leaked out. However, Buerton kept her name hidden but since she wrote “a singer from Barbados” many started to think she is speaking about Rihanna. 

Burton said, “We had an amazing connection. We would order food together, we watched TV together, we did all kinds of stuff. I listened to her music with her. Music is her life.” 

She also added, “It became a sexual thing. It only lasted a couple of weeks because she was very busy and had a lot going on in her life and we had to be secretive.

I would say she’s bisexual. It was really exciting. It was unexpected and it was very fun. The s*x was really good but there was more to it – we really had a connection. She inspired me and we helped uplift each other.” 

Although Rihanna never spoke about having such an affair, according to an interviewer Rihanna once said, “Everyone had the ability to be attracted to both s*xes.” 

Even some reporters reported that Megan Fox was called “Yummy” by Rihanna. [ Source: Hindustan Times

So, these are the reasons why even Rihanna fans started to doubt her sensuality. But these are only gossip. No one heard of Rihanna going into a public relationship with a woman and Rihanna never mentioned or acted as gay or bisexual. 

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Rihanna’s Sexuality

It is clear that Rihanna is straight since she was once married to Chris Brown and after they split she fell in love with A$AP Rocky.

The couple tied the knot in 2020 and are still together. The couple even has their first baby. And so, there should be no more confusion about this talented singer Rihanna’s sexuality. 


Hope you have found your answers to whether is Rihanna gay or bisexual. The straight answer is no she is not.

Her sexual orientation is fine and she is happily married to a guy while making sure they’ll soon surprise her fans with good news. 

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