Is Lil Wayne Gay or Bisexual? What’s His Sexual Orientation?

Lil Wayne is a Professional American rapper; however, his real name is Dwayne Micheal Carter Jr. He was born on 27th September 1982. This hip-hop artist is capable of influencing people through his rap songs.

What's Lil Wayne's sexual orientation?

It was 1995 when he started his career in the rapper industry, and since then, he has been gifting his fans legendary songs. Lil Wayne has portrayed his personality with positivity; unfortunately, that couldn’t stand long. 

Lil Wayne did something unexpected, for which he made his fans question if Lil Wayne is gay or bisexual. What’s his actual sexuality? 

If you too have the same query, you have come to the right place to find answers. So, let’s not talk further and jump straight into the Lil Wayne facts.

Is Lil Wayne Gay or Bisexual? 

Well, people never doubted Lil Wayne’s sexuality before he was caught kissing Birdman in 2006. Since guys kissing each other is an unusual thing and a gay or bisexual person kisses someone of the same gender, Wayne’s fans and the media started gossiping. 

Still, in 2023, people are looking for the answers to “is Lil Wayne gay? is Lil Wayne bisexual?” Until 2022 no one knew the truth behind this incident. But very recently, in an interview on the “Big Facts,” Birdman revealed the truth behind why he and Lil Wayne kissed each other. 

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What did people say about  Lil Wayne's sexuality?
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He said, “I always looked at Wayne as my son and I always looked at it like, ’cause I was in the streets, and I thought this might be the last time he ever sees me.” 

He also told the interviewer, “Cause I was living like that. That’s what that s*** really started from ’cause I thought that every night O leave, I might not ever come back.”

Then he said something more interesting that made the fact clear that he thinks Lil Wayne is his son, so that kiss was a fatherly one.

He said, “I was his father when he didn’t have a father since he was 9 years old, and I love him like my own, and I would give my life for him, and I would take a life for him.”

These emotional talks prove some profound fatherly love of Birdman for Lil Wayne. The truth is neither Lil Wayne nor Birdman is Gay or Bisexual. Besides, Lil Wayne was seen in relationships with women only.

He is currently dating a model named Denise Bidot, and he expressed on Twitter that he is the happiest man ever with his lover. His love life is the most significant proof that his sexuality is straight.


Lil Wayne is a big name when it comes to the rappers’ industry. He has been a successful rapper since the day he entered the industry with the help of Birdman. 

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Through Birdman, he joined Cash Money Records and made himself the youngest flagship artist of the company. However, in June 2018, he ended his association with them.

Since the hip-hop artist has a huge fan base, it’s pretty usual to get into controversies. One of the most significant controversies about the rapper’s sexual orientation.

Luckily, we have provided you with the truth. So, don’t go believing someone spreading rumors about his sexuality.

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