Is Suga Gay? All You Need To Know About His Sexuality

Suga is another craze of B.T.S. At the beginning of his career, he wanted to become a rapper. When the song producer was only 13 years old, he started to write lyrics for his music. 

Is Suga from BTS gay? A close look at his sexuality.
Suga by Dispatch licensed under CC BY 3.0

He was so dedicated that he joined a recording studio to work part-time when he became 17. That was when he began performing, rapping, ordering, and creating music. From then, his career went up, and so did the interest of his followers in his sexuality. 

For some reason, the young star is misunderstood as gay. Today we will explain is Suga gay or not? And will share all you need to know about his sexuality. So, without wasting further moments, let’s get down to the business. 

Is Suga Gay, or It’s a Rumor?

People have been observing the boys, including Suga, for a long time to understand their sexuality.

Most speculators claim that boys are gay, and this conception came from the thought that men who live together and don’t date ladies are gay. Also, men who put makeup on and color their hair are homosexual since gay men behave this way. 

For some reason, B.T.S. members are not allowed to date; even if they are dating, it should be hidden. Hence, they are often found with cute moments like kissing and hugging each other.

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Some cut these moments from records and try to prove the boys are in relationships with one another by sharing those cropped moments with some fabrication. 

We assume the Seven B.T.S. members, including Min, are straight. Here are some pictures of him dating women. These images clarify his sexual orientation.

For such false examples, every B.T.S. member, including Suga, is rumored to be gay. But in reality, Suga’s sexuality is straight. In a Japanese interview, Suga was asked, “what do they look for in a girl?” And this question has been asked only once until today. 

Because the answers might cause the fans to do more crazy things, Suga responded to the question in one way, but the translator translated it wrong, making his fans think he is bisexual. 

The young singer said, “I don’t look at the person’s appearance when I fall in love with someone.” 

But the translator misinterpreted it and translated it as, “I focus on personality and atmosphere. I don’t have any ideal type and it’s not limited to a girl.” 

Still, this fake information makes many Min Yoon-gi followers believe that the Korean singer is homosexual. The original translation tells that he wants someone with a personality that can attract him and keep him since the look is not important to him. His statement clears all the doubts. 

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What is the meaning of Suga?

Suga is a Korean word that means shooting guard. It’s the stage name of Min Yoon-gi. This name was selected based on his position as a basketball player. 

Why is Suga called a cat? 

Suga is sometimes called a cat by the A.R.M.Y. because he mirrors cat behavior and has a cute face similar to a kitten. 


When Suga joined the company, he began his journey as a music producer. Before joining as an official member of B.T.S., he trained under Big Hit Entertainment with R.M. and J-Hope. 

He is not only praised for singing but also for writing heart-touching lyrics. As a fan of this excellent singer, it’s a duty to find out his true sexuality, and now that you know he is straight, you can defend him.

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