Is J Hope Gay? Let’s Know About His Sexuality in Detail

Born in February 1994, J Hope is one of the popular rappers and singers of the Korean band BTS. He became a band member in 2013 and sang many songs with six other singers. When he earned a huge fan base, people demanded his solo tracks. 

A close look at J Hope's sexuality.
J Hope By Dispatch licensed under CC BY 3.0

Hence he released his first solo in 2018 and named it ‘Hope World.’ The album was a hit and took the 38th position on the U.S. Billboard. He is popular among girls more than boys for having a cute personality. And so, his sexual orientation is doubted. 

It’s been a conflict between the fans and haters that is J Hope gay? Let’s know all about his sexual orientation in detail. 

Why is J Hope Considered Gay? 

Among all the BTS members, J Hope’s sexuality is mostly questioned. There are many reasons behind the thinking of a homosexual, but the two big reasons are his appearance and closeness with Kim Tae-Hyung. 

Let’s talk about his looks first. The way he appears in the camera mostly gives vibes like a woman is dressed like a man. The singer’s facial expressions, make-up, and dyed hair give him a girly look. Maybe he knows it, but J Hope doesn’t seem to care for it.

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He is also considered gay for being so touchy with V. In a couple of videos Jung Ho-Seok aka J Hope, is seen cuddling with Kim.

A video went viral in 2013 where the two kissed for 5 seconds. Although it was a punishment for a game, Jung seemed to enjoy kissing the handsome face of 2022. 

An image of J Hope Cuddling with V.
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He was laughing and didn’t hesitate much; however, V was pretty embarrassed. Such videos and pictures made many believe that the singer is gay or bisexual. But is J Hope really gay? Of course not. According to some reports, J-hope is dating Rose from Blank Pink. 

The duo is seen enjoying restaurants, beaches and taking romantic, cute photos. Their fans even call the couple Rosehope. However, they didn’t confirm the relationship, but the fans believe the singers love each other. 

Rose and J-Hope look amazing together.
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Often their followers gather their photos, edit them with crowns and live effects and share them on the news feed. Also, J Hope was asked in many interviews what type of girl he would like to marry, and he answered that someone who has a good personality. The looks are not important to him. 

In another interview with E! News, he shared the name of his celebrity crush Amanda Seyfried. It shows he has an interest in women and not men. His relationship with V is a friendly and brotherly love.

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Who is J-Hope’s role model? 

J Hope has considered two American rappers as his role models. They are J. Cole and A$AP Rocky. He also told the interviewer that Beenzino, a popular rapper from Korea, inspires him. 

Is J-Hope full Korean? 

Yes, J-Hope aka Jung Ho-seok is full Korean. He was in Korea on 18th February 1994. 

Final Words

J Hope is the most talented singer and songwriter of BTS. He is also the friendliest and funniest among the 7 singers. He is the imaginary boyfriend of many girls who dream of marrying him. 

They would get triggered when he is called gay, and it actually created doubts about his sexuality. Finally, now you know your Oppa is straight, so you can continue dreaming about him. 

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