Is RM from BTS Gay? Here’s the Details of His Sexuality

The 27 years old Kim Nam-Joon, whose stage name is RM, is a rapper for BTS, a Korean band. In his student life, before joining the band, he often used to write poems. He even got prizes for his poetry. 

Is RM from BTS Gay? What's his sexuality?
RM By Dispatch licensed under CC BY 3.0

He is so talented that he learned English by watching ‘Friends.’ He had an interest in literature before he was 11, but when he left for New Zealand to study further, the singer found out he was interested in hip-hop music. 

His dream came true by becoming a BTS member in 2013. Then his journey of becoming the heartthrob began. He made fans internationally and grew their interest in his sexuality. since you are one of his fans, let’s find out is RM from BTS gay?” Here are the details of his actual sexuality. 

Is RM from BTS Gay, or It’s a Rumor?

RM, the leader of BTS, has been facing controversies for the past 4 years. While he has millions of fans worldwide, he also has several haters. These haters, with some fans, confused about his sexuality, think RM is gay. 

The K-pop artist wears makeup, which is mostly highlighted, for which he sometimes looks like a girl. Also, they never declared to have a girlfriend. However, every singer of the band was captured by paparazzi’s cameras with girls holding hands and spending romantic moments.

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Well, the ‘Persona’ singer is straight, and all your doubts will be cleared after watching this video where he says things about his girlfriend.

Kettle Knight from ET asked, “Now I think you guys are all together, but you didn’t bring your girlfriends.” RM responded, saying, “We didn’t make one; we got armies like thousands of girlfriends here today in here.” 

Here the singer indicated the fan girls, and he called them his girlfriends, which clarifies that he is interested in women only. So, RM is not gay. 


Is RM in a relationship? 

As per the reports, RM is currently single. But he is rumored to have an affair with Rose from Black Pink. But he didn’t accept relationship rumors for decades. 

What is RM’s favorite BTS song? 

RM once shared the song Walkin’of John Erin on Twitter. He likes spending most of his time with nature, riding bicycles, and hiking, so this song is perfect. 

Final Words

The 27-year-old RM is a favorite of millions. He is so popular with girls that some followers get triggered seeing him with another woman. 

Such crazy fans were worried about the gay rumors, so we revealed the true sexuality of the ‘Do You’ singer. 

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Whether or not you are a diehard fan of RM, you can at least now defend your favorite celebrity if anyone claims him gay to you. 

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